It's Summer Once Again

(American Apparel cropped tank, Topshop tank, Forever 21 shorts, (L-R:) Bring, Vita, H&M, Bring, Gold Dot rings, Steve Madden wedges)

I can feel it, it's really summer again. I can't go out of the house wearing long sleeves anymore because of the scorching sun (not unless I just go the mall). I just shot Stylebreak's latest collection- watch out for it. 
Btw, pardon me for not wearing any necklace,  I was feeling extra lazy. BMS.
Photos by: Lesley Choa


Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Gorgeous outfit! <3 Love the orange tanks they go perfectly with the cropped top! I always enjoy reading your blog, you have a great style! Can't wait for the new collection :)


Michelle said...

LOOOOOVE your accessories!!

Aki No Yuutsu said...

wow... I kinda want summer back... It's cold again today in Bangkok.

alice san said...

aww!!! i love you outfit girl!! it so rock and very awesome!!! :)