Like a G6

(Olivia and Fifth dress turned into top, Taipei brand skirt, Alexander Mcqueen clutch, Gold Dot wedges)

I watched Far East Movement live last Monday at Republiq. I was actually confused on what to wear at first since it was a Monday night (and I didn't wanna dress up too gimmik-y nor wear something casual). I ended up wearing a black leather pleated skirt over my body hugging dress so it won't show my curves too much. I loved it. Wedges over stilettos too.
By the way, these wedges are the bomb. They're so comfy, fashion and affordable. BMS.


Michelle said...

Great post! Your posts are always full of beautiful people. :)

J F said...

Just wanna ask how tall you are?

helena said...

That second pic is awesome! Hahaha.
Yeah I actually also wanna know how tall you are :O

Joanna Paulsen said...

I love your wedges!

Anonymous said...

Looked like it was so much fun! Love the whole outfit!