Misibis Nighttime

 (Taiwan brand maxi dress, Extreme Finds necklace, Schu flats)
 Thank you tita Marilen Nunez for flying us to Misibis Bay!
 Saab taking photos for her blog
 Nicole was the first one to get thrown in the pool
followed by me.  
 poor us
 the culprits who threw everyone in the pool
 DJ Jon Herrera and DJ Mars Miranda got everyone standing up and dancing the entire night
 I love Borgina
 Everyone's dancing to "Stop" by Spice Girls
It was a night to remember. Nivea Summer Rush- you are the bomb. Words can't even express it, only pictures. BMS.
Photos by: Saab Magalona, Jon Herrera, Bubbles Paraiso, Carlos Concepcion and I


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Michelle said...

LOOOOVE you outfit!!!