Agent Provocateur

 When I entered Sean's party, this was the first thing I saw. Speechless.
 Girls I haven't seen for the longest time! Hello UA&P friends!
 I wonder who Mike Pamintuan is texting..
 Batch mates Loris Pena and Gem Co. Loved Loris' feathers!!
 (Landmark corset, WAGW vest, H&M leggings, YSL bag, Schu booties)
 David Milan, Fons Martinez, birthday boy Sean Go and Daniel Naval
 Lissa Kahayon arrived so late but still made up for it by drinking too much. Haha.
 Art direction destroyed.
 Daniel Naval and Robbie Becroft had a long conversation that night- Hope they both remembered it.
 I love you Sean!
 Polaroids taken by Loris Pena- and of course, Cholo Dela Vega had to compile everything and..

The Espionage. The theme was "007's night out in Paris." In fairness, almost everyone followed the theme. It was so nice to see people I haven't seen for the longest time and just chat with them the entire night. Everyone had a blast! I love you and happy birthday Sean. BMS.


Lauren said...

Beautiful photos

Dominique B. said...

supercool polaroid photos!!!!!!! and i love your outfit! you rock inner so well! :P

annette said...

awesome outfit...


Michelle said...

The polaroid photos are soooo cool!!!