Candie's BTS

 9:30am calltime
 We weren't doing anything so I, together with my co-bloggers Lexi, Kryz and Camille, strolled around the mall to find something to eat.
 They spelled my name wrong..
 and when we came back after eating breakfast, they fixed it already! Thanks guys!!
Love all the head pieces:
 The girls who took care of us backstage. Thank you for all your help guys. Much appreciated.
 It was like a candy fair backstage. They had cotton candy booths, candy station, etc. 
FHM cover girl Rich, poker king Neil and model Robbie went to support us.
Getting  made up by Paolo Maranan. Thank you so much Paolo, you were a lifesaver! I loved my make up so much I didn't want to remove it every after the show ended. If you need a make up artist, he's the one to call.
And the show is about to start. BMS.


LiezyL said...

for a while there, i thought this was a VS fashion show!

Diana CMP :) said...

Thank you for letting me to take a photo of you yesterday:)
New follower here! please check out my blog, follow me if you like it :) take care! *Hug*


Vee said...

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to support you during the fashion show! You were really superb! And thank you for allowing me to have a photo with you. I was one of the few whom you gave VIP tickets for the show. :)

-VEE/Maire Lyn Vina Yabut

Linton from London said...

Fun pics!
Nice post

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Great post! Love the pictures <3


Mars said...

Love BTS photos, they give you an altogether different insight on fashion shows. :)

Mars of fashion insouciance