PFW: SM and Memo

 People across me
 Cute Parisian shoes
 My thinspiration
 Well hello Hideo.
 shorts over leggings
 Cute layering and styling. I love printed vest.
 Formal menswear
 I love this jumpsuit!
 One shoulder effect
 Color blocking. I'm definitely going to SM.
 Print on print. Perfect for this summer.
 The hat is to die for.
 Love this dress. I know it's not my style, but it caught my attention right away.
Loved Memo's stage and production. BMS.


Rachella said...

love the colorful skirts! and most of the men-clothing is sooo good :) x

Mars said...
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Mars said...

Wow, SM has outdone itself this time! Those outfits are stellar. Thinking that they are also cheap makes me so happy. :) And yes, Jasmine Maierhoffer is my thinspo, too (but not in an Ana or Mia-worshiping kind of way).

Mars of fashion insouciance

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

These are amazing! Those shoes, jumpsuit and corset love are absolute love!