PFW: "10" and Menswear

 Pauline Juan, Daryl and Andre Chang.
 Daryl won best in long gown. haha.
 Official bloggers for Philippine fashion week: Rosanna Aranaz, Kryz Uy and yours truly.
 Edgar San Diego
 Love this gown by Eric Pineda
 Filipinana by JC Buendia
 Combination of fur and leather by Noel Crisostomo
 My favorite gown of the night by Noli Hans
 Front row people waiting for the show to start.
 Acid wash effect by Bang Pineda
 loved Dodjie Batu's creativity.
 Loved Drei Soriano's collection the most. Leather, cut outs and boots.
Thank you for keeping me company Sean Go and Kryz Uy.

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