Wedges and Booties

Currently in love with these Schu booties. I think I've worn it three times straight already. They're so comfy and the heels are just right. If you want to wear heels the entire day and not feel any pain, then go buy this pair already.
 Schu shoes. I love the spiked heels.
 Aldo wedges that I asked the interns during our Candies fashion show to customize. I love the result!!
 New Renegade Folk wedges! Yey! I don't know why but I'm really a fan of wedges. They're comfy and fashionable. They also have these in gray. Check out their collection too!

And of course, wedges (if you consider these as wedges) from Gold Dot. I fell in love with them right after I saw them at Liz's place when she was going to use it for a shoot two months ago. I sent an email to them that day saying they have to reserve me these or else. Haha. BMS.


Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Omg these are gorgeous shoes! Love the boots <3 X

daintiness said...

those last wedges reminds me of jeffrey campbell... but the wedge is far more unique and overall, pretty hot.

Michelle said...

I love the what you had done to the Aldo wedges! So beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Love how they used friendship bracelets to customize the Aldo wedges! Ganda ng different textures on the straps. (and of course I also love the Gold Dot "wedges." HAHA. I love a whole lot of Gold Dot's designs!)

Aki No Yuutsu said...

OMG! love these shoes!!!