Featured: Depot Fashion

Did you know Depot Fashion Magazine is the first quarterly fashion magalog (magazine + catalog)? Meaning you can just browse through their magazine, get the code under the item you want, go to their website (click HERE) and order right away. You don't need to go to the mall anymore to buy the items you want. Cool right?

For their Summer issue, they featured me in the "In Her Closet" section. Thank you Depot Fashion!
Vest from Stylebreak
 The team
A behind-the-scene shot. I like! BMS.


wickeRmoss said...
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wickeRmoss said...

really awesome style laureen! and am starting to like depot mag!

Michelle said...

Congratulations on another feature! You look amazing!!

Mars said...

Congrats, Laureen! And thank you for explaining what a "magalog" is. i thought it means tagalog na magazine.

Mars of fashion insouciance