SM Accessories

 Cool stage
 Ria Bolivar steps out and I loved her hair piece.
 Belts, belts and belts
 So innovative how that made all the scarves into a skirt
 Tim Yap walks the runway. And yes, that's Bumblebee of Transformers on his left.
 Shop the kid's section too! 
 For the Finale, SM accessories got celebrities to walk to runway like Mariel Rodriguez, Bianca Valerio, and more.
 Cheska Garcia
 Sam Pinto and Baron Geisler
 Geneva Cruz and Sam Concepcion
 Bianca Valerio rocking her blonde hair
 Thank you SM people for making sure we got the best seats! You guys are the best.
Watched the show with my girls Camille and Kryz.

I loved the show. I got to see all the lovely accessories. 
I also got several gcs and the I went to SM the next day and spent it all. That's how nice their accessories are. And yes, I will definitely go back. BMS.


Michelle said...

I looove how creative the concept of the show was!! :-)

Mrs. Kolca said...

I love SM accessories. They have lots of choices too.

Hey, you have the prettiest smile Miss Lauren! :)