New Girl on the Block

All Bring by Bin Ubaldo rings.
(H&M blazer, SM necklace, Topshop top, Uniqlo leggings, Balenciaga bag, Gold Dot wedges)

I met up with Kryz and Cams last week at Rockwell and just updated each other with our lives. I told Cams to bring her SLR so my photos will be nicer than usual- then I decided to pose in the middle of the street! I love how awkward everyone is at the back. Haha.
I was all covered up because it was raining when I left the house. 
Last photo was candid btw. BMS.


Arizia said...

The last photo is really cute. I also love that they're smiling, especially manong guard! pabida! hahahaha ^_^

Nadin said...

I love your leggings!=D

Mrs. Kolca said...

Haha! Si manong guard pa-cute din! Oi, nahihiya kunyari yun iba sa likod. Weee.. happy weekend dear! :)

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Gorgeous! Love your leggings and shoes <3 Great shots! X

Myrted said...

Hahaha!!! Just look at how manong guard is awkardly smiling while doing his duty. Really nice photo. I lovet.

Michelle said...

The last photo is the cutest! :-)

Archer said...

as always, very stylish!
i love the pattern on that pair of leggings! killer!