Polaroid pics. They take your photo and you can post them on this board. Cool.
 Dong Ronquillo making a speech. Bongga!

Some performers of the night:
 Up Dharma Down, who also won the category Indie Rocker, played.
 Maria Aragon is the bomb! She sang so well.
 Divine Lee and Tim Yap were the hosts for the event. Nakakatawa sila! They really know how to entertain people.
 And of course- the beckys who supported Divine.
 Maria Ressa gave a talk about how social media works and how important it is in our generation now. So inspiring!

And the winners for each category:
(you can see the category and name of the winner on the background)
 I still can't believe I won!!! Thank you Globe Tatt judges and to everyone who voted for me.
Congratulations also to Bianca Gonzalez, Lea Salonga and Mikey Bustos who won awards! So sad they were too busy to attend the event. 
 Hello Cecille Van Straten and Pia Magalona.
 Divine and Tim walked around the room to interview people. 
Many thanks to my blogger lovers Kryz and Camille who attended the event for me! I love you guys.

Globe Tattoo- you rock! BMS.


Aisa.Paxie said...

congrats on winning! we cheered for you!:) also, i looove your dress and that cardigan is to die for:) nice bumping into you in the restroom. Hehe.

Love, Pax

thestyleflux said...

Congratulations! you deserve such great award :) I love the dress that you wore at the event, looking so Gorgeous as always! :)

xoxo, Kaye (