Kris TV

 Loving my Mauve necklaces all piled up!
 Mia Casa rings. Love the dracula teeth connector ring. 
 H&M belt
 (Landmark corset, Topshop pants, Chick Flick wedges)

Once again, Multiply brainwashed me into buying new items from their website. The new platform (the tab marketplace) made it so much easier for me to shop online. Just look at my new accessories and shoes! I found so many nice online shops and I'm still on the look out for more. 

I wore this outfit for a guesting on Kris TV yesterday. It was my first ever TV guesting with my sister Liz and call time was at 8:30am so I wanted to look fresh and appropriate (day time wear). I changed my shoes after the program into these comfy Chick Flick wedges. 
Thank you ng bonggang bongga Raymond Santiago for our hair and Archie Valencia for Mac for our make up.
Thank you so much ms. Kris Aquino! BMS.


The Big Apple Girl said...

I had fun watching the show on TFC today. Vice was so funny saying "crossings" .hehe. love your outfit!

Mrs. Kolca said...

You look so pretty dear. I love the corset. I wanna have one in pink. HAHA!

scarletscorpion said...

I love the necklace!! It really stands out :) Will be checking out Mauve :) Thanks!

rizzalana said...

watched that episode but didn't see the entire segment though. :)

cute pants!

Belle said...

have watched this episode, you and your sister are really really gorgeous. tawang-tawa din ako sa "crossings" ni vice, and you were such a good sport about it. :)

thestyleflux said...

Love your floral pants! they definitely made your look very fresh.. Gorgeous!

xoxo, Kaye (

Katheezy said...

I saw you on Showtime! I was heading to work that morning (I'm in Hawaii so the show was a day later) and I noticed you!

You and your sister are gorg! :)