On a High

 These Michael Antonio heels are so amazing.  The color combination and style is to die for.
 Stars delight. I love these American flag booties from Five by Five. Imagine wearing it with anything plain- it'll still look good.
Patent black heels from VNC. The animal print straps make it look nice and subtle- perfect for night outs.
 Asian Vogue wedges. I can't get enough of black wedges!! This will definitely be my new favorite.
 More stripes and less stars with these American flag heels from Asian Vogue. It looks fashion forward and sexy!
Hot red pumps from Michael Antonio. This will make any legs look sexy.
Armor-like heels from VNC.  

Say hello to my new babies. BMS.


Jill said...

Those are really nice boots....

But I'm just a bit worried about one thing..

your position while this pic was taken. That must be very hard.

Claudine Claire Chua said...

shoe high <3

Amanda Paredes said...

i like the american flag boots <3

Levin said...

SHOE-gasm! <3

thestyleflux said...

Love all of your heels Laur! :)

Kaye (

Ella F. said...

I have those exact black wedges you got from Asian Vogue <3 They are extremely comfy & look great on any pair of feet!

CutestPrincess said...

those american flag shoes are my favorite

It’s a GIRL Thing

pinkmate said...

those are fabulous! I know they're platforms, are they comfortable enough? I plan to buy from Asian Vogue and Five by Five, I think they're collection is awesome!

Oh by the way, nice stems!


Chen said...

Red pumps are to die for ! Omg!