Port 88

Stylebreak will be part of Port 88 bazaar this Saturday and Sunday! They'll be having so many brands (on sale) there so you better go.
And because I love you guys so much-- if you go to our Stylebreak booth (D7) and say you read it from my blog- you automatically get 10% off on all our items!

Not only that, but I'll also be selling some of my personal items like:
 this top
 this pair of shorts
this top
 this tank top
 this dress
this tribal top
....and many many more. See you there then! BMS.
**To know more about Port 88, like them on Facebook.


thestyleflux said...

I'll be dropping by at your stall! I'm eying some of the personal items you're selling, see you! :)

Kaye (

Jam Angelica Pacis Garcia said...

Aww :( Poor me! I hope I could go, but I'm from Cagayan valley. Huhu

Angel del Rosario said...
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Angel del Rosario said...

Bought a top from your booth <3