Hed Kandi

 necklace from Quirky Pedia
 I'm really in love with connector rings. Rings from Mia Casa
 (HK brand dress, Human top made cover up, Balenciaga bag, Gold Dot wedges)

I had a shoot with Mango last week and decided to wear a maxi dress. This dress is cool because not only can you wear it out on a regular day, but it can also be a cover up when you're in the beach. 
While waiting, I used my new favorite toy- my Hed Kandi candy-colored headset.
 Music is such an important part of my everyday ritual. I listen to music while putting on make up, when I'm bored, when I'm in the car and stuck in traffic and especially when I'm on set waiting for my sequence. 
I just usually wear normal earphones, but I couldn't resist when I saw this pair of Disco Heaven headphones (what it's called). It's not only known for it's quality, but it's also known for it's stylish exterior- it looks so fashyowwnn! 
 Just look at it! The color combination is so nice. During taping, it helps me internalize before my scene, whether it be happy or sad music. 
It's really a great gadget if you want to procrastinate, watch a good movie alone (and you don't want to bother anyone else) or just even listen to good music.
Other headphones are heavy and they tend to ruin my hair style because of the thick ear muffs and head piece but with Hed Kandi, it feels so light, you won't notice it's there at all. It can be an accessory too; it's a great way to add color on top of what you're wearing! If you're a music lover, I recommend this. They're only P1,990.00. Affordable, right?

Hed Kandi headphones are available in Power Mac, Power Hub, iStudio, Astrovision, Technoholics, Bratpack, Mobile 1, Xsite, 8 Telecom, Abenson, Electroworld, Digital Hub, Digital Walker and Beyond The Box. BMS. 
(Photos by Cholo Dela Vega)


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Meet Mango's It girl Andy Torres!she says Mabuhay. :)

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