Simple or Not

 Love this Mamasushi owl necklace. They're so huge, you can just wear them without over piling accessories.
 All Bubbles rings and bracelets. Such attention grabbers- I love it. Their rings are so unique.
(Forever 21 sequined vest, WAGW top, TRF shorts, Asian Vogue wedges)

This outfit is perfect for malling- you can wear the sequined vest if you feel cold or you can show off your top by removing it- works both ways. It also doesn't look too dolled up because you're just wearing a paired of tattered shorts with these gorgeous (and affordable) black wedges from Asian Vogue (fyi, Black wedges are a must-have). With this outfit, you can be simple and not be simple too. Ironic, right? BMS.


CutestPrincess said...

i love your style, you're so pretty!

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Carina G. said...

Hi! I've been watching Binondo Girl, and you're doing a really good job! May I ask if you did draw the sketches shown in one of the episodes? the one at the hospital? Damn, they're great! :) You're very talented!

I also love how the way you acted in that episode. :) "Special ha?" It was very natural. :D

Keep it up! and Godbless!

Mrs. Kolca said...

I vote for the vest and the shoes. Oh so winner! :)

MissBubblyCat said...
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MissBubblyCat said...

I love the Owl necklace :) It gave the whole outfit a pop of color and cuteness, of course! :)

Tassiopea said...

I love the wedges! Winner! :)

rizzalana said...

i adoooore your top! ;)

thestyleflux said...

Yes, It's all about accessorizing!

xx Kaye
Fashion Blogger

Michelle Anne C. Dela Rosa said...

I love your style! Every outfit is really a head turner. Wow to the owl necklace, btw!

27chic said...

i love the owl necklace and your rings.

Sheylove :) said...

i really love you laureen! thumbs up to your very classy style! :))