SM Accessories silver necklace, Holic black necklace
I love this Scrunch shirt! I love everything about it- the design, the softness of the shirt, especially the statement, because I can be very bipolar sometimes.
 SM Accessories silver bangles, Le Papillion black cuff, Mia Casa connector ring
 As you've noticed, I'm wearing wake silver nails- they're actually nail rings from Girls are Weird. Wear it and for sure, you'll grab everyone's attention.
(Scrunch top, Cheap Monday jeans, Five by Five booties)

Just a random day going to the mall. Lazy get ups rock. BMS.


Jei Saludares said...
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Levin said...

Well put together! I love your top! Happy birthday!

Megann Jabola said...

I love your jeans! :)


roviedear said...

fierce and great styling as always <3

Ayette said...

That "wake silver nails" ARE GARJUS!! I want!


those are sweet shoes!!

Joanna Paulsen said...

Love the shoes!

valeree san juan said...

amazing shoes! most top fashion bloggers own one :) you look so pretty <3

DNA (designers+artists) said...

I'm so down w/all your jewelry.

thestyleflux said...

Wow great accessories Laur! you are indeed the Queen of accessorizing!

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