Break Time

 transparent oxfords from Tonic
They're incredibly cute and stylish! Imagine a preppy girl with glasses wearing it with a button down polo and denim shorts and sock? So adorable! You can do so much with it, wear it with striped socks, colored socks, knee high stockings, etc. 
 sandals by Schu
This pair automatically gives any outfit an edge because of the design. Very military chic. Wear this during the day with a cute military inspired jacket and a pair of mid-waist shorts and you can be part of Beyonce's Run the World. Haha.
 foldable flats by Yosi Samra
Imagine after a tiring day at the office, or a day full of events, or eating somewhere after clubbing - and your feet start to hurt so much because of your five inch heels. What do you do? Good thing this incredibly tiny pair of flats are in my car! It's so small you can put it inside your bag and bring it with you anywhere! It's so practical! Check their info so you'll know where to buy it. 
 Cobalt blue oxfords by Hush Puppies x Anna Sui
These suede oxfords are so classy. I'm really in love with the color cobalt blue. Anna Sui, known for its rich colors palettes and its feminine style meets Hush Puppies' relaxed style. It's not just an ordinary pair of oxfords now, right?
Lace up flats from Hush Puppies x Anna Sui
These flats are so versatile. You can style them in a way where your outfit can look feminine or edgy. It actually depends on your style. I love collaborations!

When you wear heels almost everyday, you have to give your feet a break. Let them have some rest and relaxation- and I've got these flats to make it happen. BMS.


Daal said...

Oh my gosh! I love the sandals from Schu! :D

Louise Camille said...

I like the Hush Puppies x Anna Sui oxfords! Is it available here in Manila?

Sasa Valencia said...

i want the pink shoe....♥

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Gorgeous shoes! Love the Hush Puppies x Anna Sui one! x

Krizzia Jimenez said...

My feet really can't stand high heeled - shoes, and this post is very helpful for me. I liked most the Pink Oxford Shoes.

Mary said...

the oxfords are stunning :)

Nina said...

asdfghjkl I've been searching for structured oxfords for quite a while now, because what I usually see are those kiddy looking soft ones that don't really look like real oxfords. I'm quite surprised that Anna Sui tied up with Hush Puppies, but after seeing that cobalt blue suede oxfords, I want one for my own!!!!

I live in Alabang and I was wondering where the nearest branch I can get these? It seems like they're not out in all of the stores! I hope they're reasonable priced.

Do you strongly recommend these? are they not painful to wear too?

ss fashion world said...

amazing post, and really great blog :)
What do you think, of following each other ?

Maria C said...

digging the brogues! salivating right now.