Louis Vuitton

 Louis Vuitton reopened its expanded store in Greenbelt 4 last October 14. The store was so packed and I could just see people drooling over LV items!
 (L-R): Heart Evangelista, Isabelle Daza, Anne Curtis and Georgina Wilson all in dolled up in Louis Vuitton.
 (Crossings top, Zara leather shorts, Burberry clutch, Jil Sander booties)
 YSL earrings
 LV now has three floors. The people are all over the place! Ladies' section is downstairs.
 Victor Basa and Divine Lee in black.
 Raymond Gutierrez and Georgina Wilson
 Love Mond's Vivienne Westwood tie. 
 I would love to have these pair of booties!
 Lucille and Janina Dizon always looking classy. 
 Loved Agoo Bengzon's entire look this night! So chic!
 Carlos Concepcion and brother Vince Uy in M Barretto. 
 Siblings Daryl Chang in Xernan Orticio and Andre Chang.
 bags and shoes for men on the upper level
 Long gowns ang labanan! Bianca Gonzalez and sister Liz Uy in Jun Escario.
This Louis Vuitton store at Greenbelt 4 showcases the brand’s ideal spirit of travel, quality, and luxury. BMS.


MarieClara said...

Georgina, Heart & Anne is so gorgeous... and of course you too! :)

Mrs. Kolca said...

I first read about the reopening from Miss C. Yay, I didn't know the store is now that big.

RheA said...

LV for the win.


thestyleflux said...

Wow! LV is huge now! What a fabulous evening you had!

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