Mia Casa Connector ring, Le Papillion red ring, SM Accessories bangle
(WAGW top, SM Accessories charm necklaces, H&M shorts, Chanel bag, Gold Dot wedges)

I seriously didn't have enough time to dress up this day- I just grabbed whatever was available in my closet and piled them altogether. Luckily, I just got accessories from SM and just shopped at WAGW the same week, so I was able to mix clothes in an instant- such lifesavers! 
Trivia: If I don't have meetings or shoots, I really don't like wearing make up. Let your skin rest once in a while- it's for the better. BMS.


Melai said...

looking great laureen! :)

Melai of Style and Soul

thestyleflux said...

Your outfits came out really great! :)

Fashion Blogger