(H&M top, +-x% collar necklace, Miss Pinky Binky scallop skirt, Asian Vogue wedges)
 Extreme Finds silver bangle,  Mia Casa elephant bangles. So adorable, right?

Forgive me for not wearing a belt for this outfit- it would've been better with a hard gold belt wrapped around my waist. I was in a rush for a meeting and totally forgot about it. 
Who knew I would ever wear a carrot-inspired outfit? Haha. I really didn't notice the combination until after I saw these pictures. I like the effect of the cropped top and high waist skirt together though. 
My meeting was actually with my Stylebreak partner/ loved one Katrina Loring. She's based in Iloilo and was in Manila for only a few days. We bonded and I joined her while she shopped in her Stella McCartney heels. BMS.


Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Love the skirt! x

SoulePhenomenon said...

You look great Laureen! Cool naman, Katrina's from Iloilo.. Small world! =)


roviedear said...

still effortlessly chic lau <3 the cropped top is so sexy!


Chiara XD said...

hi miss lauren, i have used one of your picture in my blog..youre really my can check out my blog and leave some comment because im just a newbie..

i otivar said...

love your accessories.
when you're back here in HK.
you gotta go to that underground shopping center in causewaybay! :)
you're definitely gonna have fun there.


alyssasilva said...

i love the fab!:)