On-The-Go Kit

 New make up. Seriously, it's my new addiction. 
(L-R): MUFE HD foundation, Benefit blush and concealer, MUFE contour kit
 Speaking of make up.. Guess what this is.
 It's my new make up kit from Dashe Cosmetics- and it's the cutest thing ever! It was about time to change my old make up kit. This one is so convenient to bring everywhere! Since I'm always on the go and I use my own make up during tapings, this is the best for me. So now, when I have emergency parties or events to attend, I'm always ready.
You can put so many things inside since it opens up. I am so happy I have this- I think every kikay girl deserves a make up kit this nice. BMS.


littlemisspoleng said...

Waaaa! loved ALL your lipsticks Ms. Laureen! :-) Ang cute lang ng kit ;)

isopropyl said...

how cute! where can I buy this one? :D

Jasmin Ann said...

I love Benefit blusher! And and I love watching you in My Binondo Girl. I love your style hehe! A Bruneian fan from the UK. ;)


Bec said...

Gorgeous make up bag girl! Love it!

Bec of

g i r l said...

Hi Laureen,

I was just wondering if you could tell me where a makeup forever counters is in Makati/Manila area - I'm curious to try out their HD foundations.


xoXyAnne said...

can't believe that little pink bag is so fab! love it!

Twice blessed Charmed One said...

MUFE is available at Third floor of EDSA shang mall.;)


Riza said...

That make up kit was soooo nice.. :) Love your make-ups.

Between the Lines

notablypretty said...

Hi could I ask where Benefit is available in the Philippines? :)