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 Digital Traincase travel make up brush kit
I really love this! Not only does it have a leather crocodile design case, but the brushes are so soft too! It's so tiny and the brushes are complete. Really perfect for travelling- I actually use this for taping too. I'd like to bring it everywhere with me because it's soooo cute. 
 Benefit pore minimizer and moisturizer
I heard Porefessional is their best seller. You put it before of after make up so your face will stay non-oily the entire day. The moisturizer also is for oily skin types, too. Triple performing so your face will be beautiful the entire day. The best news is--- Benefit just opened in Greenbelt 5 and they even have a brow waxing salon inside! I'll probably be there every week. I love Benefit!! 
 Digital Traincase sleek contour kit, Nyx kipsticks and Beauty pro palettes
Honestly, I love contour kits. I don't think I can ever live without one. It automatically shapes your face. And the eyeshadow palettes- I always go for brown shades but now I have colored eye shadows and I can't wait to try them. Not only are they useful for the eyes, but I'm already imagining the peach for my cheeks, brown for contouring and white for highlights. Everything is inside this palette already! YEY!
Magic Potions eyelash enhancer 
I just recently got this Magic iLash. I always (take note, ALWAYS) wear falsies during events because my lashes aren't that long. So when I found out that Magic Potions are selling eyelash enhancers, I knew I had to try it ASAP. If you have friends that you know are addicted to falsies, better give them this as a gift. It's something new and it will make them happy- believe me. I can't wait for the results! Be surprised that next time I won't be needing falsies anymore. *evil laugh* I heard it only takes you a week or two to see the difference.
So, while taking photos of all my new kaarttehan items, I was listening to music using my Marshall earphones. Told you I'm a music lover This is perfect for travelling since I'm sure you don't want to bring a lot of stuff when going out of the country. Again, the beat and bass will surely be enhanced. I'm pretty sure if you have this, you won't use a basic pair of earphones your whole life again. The gold and white combination just makes it look classy. This will actually match with any outfits because of the white/gold colors. Now, won't this be a perfect gift for a music lover? To know where you can buy this, visit my post HERE.


joanamarie said...

Hi Laureen,

Where did you bought that Magic Potions eyelash enhancer ??! Really need to have one. haha.. same here.. may eyelashes aren't long too. :( sad sad sad..


Arnie Villanueva said...

Oh I like this haul!! ☺ Gorgeous gift ideas for Christmas!!



Beybey said...

Just as I was to log out my twitter, I saw you tweeting about this. Then I had to pause and take a look at it.

Ever since My Binondo Girl started, I knew I would love you. Hey, you're really simple, laid-back and down-to-earth. I may not know you personally but from the looks and smile, I just know you're not like everyone else.

Just want to say thank you for being so kind and generous. I mean putting up this blog of yours, helps me and a lot of women on their daily vanity. Thank you, thank you! :D

I'm definitely buying the same earphones you've got.

And the Porefessional too. I must try it because I have an oily skin. I just have to retouched every hour.

BTW, you're my new favorite blogger/fashion guru now.

Happy Holidays, Ate Laureen! Lovelove!

Anonymous said...

What's the brand of your contour kit?

Anonymous said...

Hi, Lau

I've been looking for Magic iLash and you posted this today! Yay! I'm so happy. Thank you! This can only be ordered online in Magic Potions? I can't wait to try this as well.

i otivar said...

beautiful! love that travel make-up brush kit! <3

babyaииE. said...

I want that magic iLash too! :)

alloramelts said...

Where can I get the eyelash enhancer? I'd love to buy one for myself and of course my friends too! :)

Anonymous said...

Where did you bought the digital traincase? I so love it:) Please tell me:))

cha:) said...

Hi:) Where did you bought the digital traincase? I want it so baaaddd:) Please tell me:) Please.

sol said...

@cha, pls check thanks!

Anne said...

hello!how much po yun Marshall earphones dito sa phil?

Nikki said...

Hi ate Laureen :> Can I ask where to get those lovely Marshall earphones here in the Philippines? Thankssss. ♥