Have you heard of Gap's holiday promo?  They have:
1. Tees, sweaters and accessories are buy 1, get 20% off on your second item
2. Two for P2,450.00 polo piques 
3. Plus more offers on Gap basic tees and flip flops

For him: pick from Gap's variety of lightweight sweaters, polo piques in classic and athletic fits or their perfect tees in a rainbow of colors/styles. For her: sweaters + lovely accessories are available this holiday in trusty solids. Luxe outerwear are must-haves and for sure are gift-worthy. I'm actually eyeing their snakeskin and colored jeans. Love the colors and designs! From kids to Parents, you can be safe with Gap. Make sure to check their discounted items and promos- It's only until December 30, so better check it now!
And because it's Christmas time, I'm having another BLOG GIVEAWAY! Get a chance to win Gap gift certificates worth P10,000. I want you guys try on their comfy, fashionable clothes.
Here's how to join:
1. Follow me on Twitter and Google Friendly Connect
2. Be a fan and hype my looks on (optional, but I'd appreciate the help :D)
3. Tweet this, " Join @laureenuy's Gap x BMS contest & get a chance to win GCs worth P10,000 PLUS get to help the CDO Sendong victims. "
4. Like this post and comment with your name and GFC username below

I was actually in Malaysia when I heard about the flash flood that happened in CDO. I was so shocked about the tragic incident, but let's all stay positive. Everything will be better in time. Now, I'm sure you guys are wondering how you can help by joining my contest.. For every person that will join my giveaway, I will be donating P2.00 to the CDO Sendong victims. You guys can donate too by texting RED (space) <AMOUNT> to 2899. This is for Globe users only. BMS.

**Contest from December 19-26 only. Will be choosing the winner via Good luck guys! 


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bella said...

Name: Bella Militante
GFC: bella militante

marifela said...

Name: Maria Fe Estrella
GFC username: marifela

Dianne Marlice Famador said...

Name: Dianne Marlice C. Famador
GFC: dmcfamador1028

Pamela said...

Pamela Ng
GFC: Pamela

Mel Mabutas said...

Twitter: melizzbee
GFC: Melissa M

Gabby Antonio said...

Gabby Antonio
GFC: itsgabbyantonio

leigh infante said...

twitter: leiimonade
GFC: leigh infante

Anonymous said...

Wilson Limon
GFC username: stylezodiac

Audri said...

name: Audrianne Hui


Thanks! :)

Kriezel pagaling said...

Kriezel Pagaling

magie said...


Jeemah Villaverde said...

Jeemah Villaverde
GFC: Jeemah

Did everything!! (:

Merry Jane Ocol said...

Name Merry Jane Carbungco Ocol
GFC: merryjane ocol

twitter post!/jingkring/status/148632087535161344

magie said...

Gloria Margarita G. Malicdem

VogueEsprit said...

Name: Jacqueline Pequeña
GFC username: VogueEsprit

Christie Lim said...

Name: Christie Lim
GFC: Michelle Christie

Anonymous said...

GFC: Jhasy Osias
Twitter: theexcessoriest

hopealimboyong said...

Name: Kristian Hope M. Alimboyong
GFC username: Hope Alimboyong
Twitter: @hopeealimboyong

charmaigne grace said...

indeed, it was so tragic :(
i'm helping them through my prayers.

charmaigne grace gepana
gfc- charmaigne grace

amoreodiorapporto said...

krizia rueka ballentes

gfc name: rueka_16

you are really an awesome blogger with a good heart :)

VJ said...

Venice Jane Tunac

Daphne Calilap said...

Name : Daphne A. Calilap

GFC username : fbtlmanila

Facebook username : fbtlmanila

Thanks for the giveaway :) Love watching you on My Binondo girl :)

Archelyn Cruz said...

Archelyn Cruz

Jerrine Therese Lim said...

Jerrine Therese Lim (same with GFC)

Carmela Carino said...

Name Carmela Carino
GFC username:

azmarrahbiruar said...

Name: Azmarrah Biruar
GFC: azmarrahbiruar

Marie Castro said...

Marie Danicia B. Castro
GFC: Marie Castro

Diosmary fudalan said...

Diosmary Fudalan

Anthonine S. said...

Anthonine Solis
GFC: Anthoninesolis

Charm said...

Twitter: HeureuseCHARM
GFC: Charmane Lalog

isabellekhan said...

I love the animalistic vibe! Stunning ensemble! :)

GFC: Jamie Isabelle Arellano (
Twitter: isabellekhan

Tuesday Ayn Sicadsicad said...

Tuesday Ayn A. Sicadsicad. no GFC acct.. here's my twitter username @daetues thank you so much..=D

Yen said...

Name: Helen Rose Cuenca
GFC username: Yen Cuenca

Myla Pauline said...

Myla Enriquez
GFC: Myla Pau Enriquez

Anonymous said...

Kathlynn Gan
GFC: Kat G

Mayee said...

GFC username: Mayee


Catherine Cueto said...

Catherine Cueto
GFC: Catherine Cueto

Catherine Cueto said...

Catherine Cueto
GFC:Catherine Cueto

Angel Sagrado said...

Name & GFC: Angel Sagrado
Tweet link:!/angel_salupa/status/148637967701909504

Anonymous said...


arra said...

Hi !joining!

gfc: arra
follow you on twitter & twitted:!/NakedArra/status/148638582159065088

thank You!
Arra Morta

Jessica Fabia said...

Jessica Fabia -

Chanel Abelo said...

Name: Marie Chanel Abelo
GFC Username: Chanel Abelo

Tuesday Ayn Sicadsicad said...

Tuesday Ayn A. Sicadsicad. no GFC. here's my twitter username @daetues thank you..god bless you..=D

Tamara Niña Pleños said...

Name: Tamara Niña Pleños
GFC: tamara niña pleños

Gemnikka A. said...

Gemnikka Alcantara
GFC: Gemnikka A.

Anonymous said...

June Izabelle R. Roque
GFC: June Izabelle

Phipay Suyo said...

I hope I can win this!

Stephanie Kay Suyo

@Stephanie Suyo

joanamarie said...

GFC: joanamarie
Name: Joana Marie Heramis

John Paul II Dimacali said...

I super love this blog! Laureen Uy is lovely. I'm a Gap fan so am glad she made this contest / feature.

Bea Ann-Marie Perez said...

Bea Perez
GFC name: Bea Ann-Marie Perez

Teresajane03 said...

Teresa Jane Ramirez
GFC: Teresa Jane Ramz

Number Two Lover said...

I love your P2-per-person-joining thing. Keep it up! :) Wish I do have money to donate..

kim_coronel08 said...

Name: K Coronel
GFC username: kim_coronel08
Tweet link:!/KCoronel08/status/148647885020475392

Thank you Laureen!! :)

Iola Katrina Sabio said...

Iola Katrina Sabio
GFV username: Iola Katrina Sabio

Janine said...

Janine Armie F. Palomo

GFC: Janine Armie Palomo

Mars Gemilga said...

Name: Marcel Gemilga
GFC Username: Mars Gemilga

Charm :) said...

GFC USERNAME: charmain gomez

mitchyweech said...

Name: Michelle Lalic
GFC: cel

Anonymous said...

Kat Aquino GFC: Kat Aquino

chelletaylo said...

Name : Rechelle taylo
GFC : Cheng

Allyssa Clutario said...

Allyssa Clutario
GFC: Allyssa

Lea said...

Name: Lea Anne Arevalo

GFC Usename: Lea Arevalo

Twitter: leaarevalo

*mae* said...

Definitely joining!!

Name: Shirley Mae Tabora
GFC: *mae*
Twitter: @smytabora

iheartkarmela said...

Name: Karmela Marie M. Bautista
GFC Username:

Dhora Estrellado said...

GFC - Dhora Estrellado
twitter - dhoraestrellado

Dhora of

Jenine S. said...

Jenine Semilla
GFC: Jenine S.

Ayah said...

Ayah Hankins
GFC: ariannahankins

Ayah said...

Arianna Hankins
GFC: Ayah Hankins


Abby Sanchez
GFC: Abby

Angelika Aquino said...

Angelika Aquino
GFC: angelika2696
twitter: angelika2696

Jannah said...

GFC: Jannah

Thank you so much for the giveaways! You're so awesome!

jan said...

name: Liza
gfc username: ld3_fam

Mikimoto Angel said...

Name: Katrina Angela Castro
GFC Username: Mikimoto Angel

Jessamer Abing said...

Name Jessamer Abing
GFC Jessa Abing

Cath Palanca said...

Name: Catherine Palanca
GFC username: Cath Palanca

Monine Cardenas said...

Name: Monine Marie A. Cardenas
GFC username: Monine Cardenas

Kat Valdez said...

Name: Katerina Valdez
GFC Username: Kat Valdez :)

Laarni Martin said...

name: Laarni Martin
GFC: Laarni Martin
twitter: laarniamartin

hope I win and help the victims of the flash flood in CDO. God Bless :)

Anonymous said...

prayers for all the victims of typhoon sendong, Riza Perez

Charm said...

Twitter: HeureuseCHARM
GFC: Charmane Lalog (

CARLA said...

Carla L. Alferez


MERRY CHRISTMAS and prayers to the victims of bagyong Sendong in Mindanao.

iam super said...

GFC - Nina Morfe
Email - nina_morfe(at)yahoo(dot)com
FB - Nina Morfe
Twitter - @akasupernini
Tweeted -!/akasupernini/status/148702575250784257

Anonymous said...

name: Julia Anne Gelera
GFC: julia gelera
twitter: @hithisisJULIA

ericka =) said...

Ericka Jane Buhay
GFC: erickajanebuhay
Twitter username: @aouieaashka


Verna Joyce said...

name: Verna Joyce Abril
GFC: Verna Joyce

Manel said...

Name: Marinelle Buenafe
GFC: Marinelle Buenafe

Leyn Hart said...

Mary ELaine P. Lagmay
GFC name: elaine


Nix said...

Nichole Rueda
GFC: Nix Rueda

Milafe Maranon said...

name: Milafe Maranon
GFC: Milafe Maranon


Pot said...

Jan Therese Navarro
GFC: Jan Navarro

Joy Gundran said...

Name: Maria Virginia Gundran
GFC: Joy Gundran
Twitter: @JoyGunn

cpm18791 said...

Consuelo Manuzon
GFC: cpm18791

Anonymous said...

Name: Jenni Kusuanco
GFC: Jenni Kusuanco

Anonymous said...

Name : Jhaz Deuna
GFC : JhazName : Jhaz Deuna
GFC : Jhaz Deuna Deuna

ren.rae said...

name: Rheena Raelyn R. Bayani
GFC username: rheenabayani

Diana Catampongan said...

Diana Catampongan
GFC: Diana Catampongan


Anonymous said...

Name: Tina Abelita
GFC: Tina Abelita

Cacharel Anais She said...

Name: Cacharel Anais She
GFC: Cacharel Anais She

Ennaiid said...

Followed you through Twitter && GFC.
Faned you on LB.
Tweeted it here:!/itsennaiid/status/148728759120445441
Liked your post.

Dianne Grace Parantar
GFC: ennaiid

Fingers Crossed! :)) <3

Cz said...

Anya Lee
GFC: Anya Lee
twitter: @anyasparks

Mitch Sazon said...

Michelle Sazon
GFC: Mitch

xoxoMommiieeEmjhayxoxo said...

Mary Jane De Guzman
GFC: xoxoMommiieeEmjhayxoxo

Jen said...

Jen Maryen D. Martelino
GFC: Jen Martelino / Jen M.

Bettina Kim Ballano said...

Twitter : @bettinaballano
GFC : Bettina Kim

Anonymous said...

Ivanne Louise Laxamana
GFC: Vinnie Laxamana

Alyssa said...

Alyssa Alexis Verano
I dont have a GFC acc but I'm still hoping to win. :D

littlemisspoleng said...

Paulyn Dela Cruz
GFC name: littlemisspoleng

Anonymous said...

Iris Sonza
GFC: Iris Sonza

Zie said...

Name: Fritzie Castro Yabut
GFC: Zie

Anonymous said...

Erika Yu
GFC: Erika Yu

Ransselle Marie said...

Name: Ransselle Villanueva
Twitter account: ransruki09
Google account:Ransselle Marie

Norika Shayne said...

name: norika Shayne Pasamba
GFC: norika shayne

Joanne said...

Thank you so much for the giveaway, Happy Holidays! :)

Name: Joanne Olaes
GFC: Joanne Olaes

Avee said...

Name: Avee Tan
GFC: Avee

ilasaki said...

name : aila saqui
gfc : ilasaki


moreinz said...

love your page lauren!

Name: Morena Malcampo
GFC: Moreinz

Kimberly said...

joining this fab giveaway

Name: kimberly calub
GFC: Kimberly
fan and hyped your look at lookbook: kimberly c.
twitter: @sombrito


Anonymous said...

Mary Ann Cueto
GFC: meanne_artworks

Anonymous said...

Name: Cillalois Marie D. Famero
gfc: Cillalois Famero

Joi Palisoc said...

Joi Palisoc
GFC: ♛ joi palisoc ♛

Nica said...

Nica Diaz
GFC: Nica

Jessa Yap Calansingin said...

Jessa Calansingin
Twitter: jEssA_yAp

camille chan said...

Name: Camille Chan
GFC Username: Camille Chan
Twitter @camillacruellla

Melissa ♥ said...

Melissa Tan
GFC: Melissa Tan

Charmagne Ramos said...

Name: Charmagne Antonette Ramos
GFC: Charmagne Ramos

Fanned you and Hyped all your looks on

Rochelle S. Ostonal said...

Rochelle Sacdalan Ostonal
GFC: Rochelle Ostonal

ayenahmariel said...

Mariel Mangubat
gfc: ayenahmariel

twitter post:!/ayenahmariel/status/148766625313734659

Cheyenne Faustino said...

Cheyenne Faustino
GFC : Cheyenne Faustino

Kaye Hing said...

Katherine Grace Hing
GFC: Kaye Hing

Julz said...

Name: Julie Ann Tolentino
GFC: Julz

Cheyenne Faustino said...

Cheyenne Faustino
GFC : Cheyenne Faustino

nikki mendoza said...

Nikki Mendoza
GFC: nikki mendoza▲

gotluggage said...

Sunshine Rose de Guzman
GFC: Sunshine Rose

Charlene B. said...

Name: Charlene Bianes
GFC: Charlene B.

Quima said...

Quima May Renegado
GFC: Quima

Thank you for this giveaway!:)

Anonymous said...

Name: Dyane Canlas
GFC: ceedee

kat lopez said...

twitter: katrinalopez
GFC: kat lopez

whooa11 said...

Christine Alcala
GFC: christine alcala

Anonymous said...

Name: Paulene Lim
GCF: Paulene Lim

elaine said...

Name: Elaine Mae Galeon
GFC: Elaine Galeon

thank you SO much for helping CDO and those who join to this contest. All efforts of every participants are VERY MUCH appreciated by CDO people.

Kelsey Merritt said...

Name: Kelsey Alaine Merritt
Twitter: @kelsmerritt
GFC: Kelsey Alaine Merritt

Anonymous said...

Name: Egel Bolalin
GFC: Elmarie Anne Bolalin

twitter link!/egelbolalin

Hope I win! Godbless :))))

jam said...

Name:Jamille Ann Abiera
GFC: jamille
Twitter: jam_abiera

Ianne said...

Dianne Mae Cariño
GCF: lumae08

Channie ♥ said...

Name: Christianne N. Patay
GFC: Channie ♥

Thank you for having CDO as your beneficiary Ms. Laureen, it would be a great help for those in need here in our city. :)

Frances Ong said...

Name: Frances Anne Lyn Ong
GFC: Frances Ong

Jui said...

Name: Mary Joy Acebuche
GFC: Jui Acebuche

Rhio Angeline Gaite said...

Name: Rhio Angeline Gaite
GFC: cheerhios/rhio angeline gaite

Jen dee said...

Jen Dee -GFC and Name

Anonymous said...

Shali Guerlain Diago
GFC: Shali Guerlain

Adrian said...

Name: Adrian Martin Guadalupe
GFC: Adrian Guadalupe

angela christine said...

name: angela recaido
GFC: angela

Mary Jay Javier said...

Name: Mary Jay Javier
GFC: maryjayjavier29

emmanuel rivera said...

Name: Emmanuel Rivera
GFC: Emmanuel Rivera

Madel Cruz said...

Madel Cruz
GFC: Mad Cruz

Jannah said...

Jannah Lopez
GFC: Jannah

Mizi said...

Mirzi Lougella R. Sarte
GFC: mizi_heatherfield

Issa said...

Name: Norissa Chavez
GFC: Issa

Thank you so much for this giveaway! This is for a very good cause!

Email me! said...

Name: Rowela Mula Abugan
GFC: wella.mula

Isaii Abustan said...

Twitter: isaiiabustan
GFC: Isaii Abustan

tin advincula said...

Christina B. Advincula
GFC: Christina Advincula

icia spark said...

Name: Maria Patricia Lopez
GFC: Patricia Lopez

Yay! hope i can win this! ;) thanks for giveaway like this. stay pretty! <3

Rien Bautista said...

Name: Noelle Adrien Bautista
GFC: Rien Bautista

Monique Florendo said...

Name: Monique L. Florendo
GFC username: Monique Florendo

Anonymous said...

andrea foz
GFC: thefozstyle

Cheska Que said...

Great blogger who helps people who are in need ♥
Twitter: Cheskaeq
GFC: Cheska Que

April Jane Yumang said...

Name: April Jane Yumang
GFC: April Jane Yumang

Anonymous said...

Patricia Gallardo
GFC: Trixie Gallardo

-iRa said...

Name: Ira Vanessa Gemilga
GFC Name: IraVan

Eiggem3 said...

Name: Meggie de Ocampo
GFC: Meggie de Ocampo

Mara Estella said...

Name: Mara Kianna Estella
GFC: maraestella

aztannah said...

Name: Joyce Ann G. Castisimo
GFC: aztannah

Anonymous said...

eunise labarda
GFC: eunise

Melody Louise said...

Melody Louise Recentes
GFC: Melody Louise

Jolienne Villaruel said...

Jolienne Villaruel
GFC: Jolienne

Anonymous said...

Name: Tin Caacbay
GFC: Tin Caacbay

Arlyn said...

Name: Arlyn Lomboy

Thank you!

Tracy said...

Name: Tracy Birondo

merj cabael said...

Merj Cabael
GFC: cowiekaan

pai espina said...

I followed each and every instructions above.
Hyped all your looks in Lookbook too.

name: percel espina
GFC: pai espina

Thanks for this opportunity Ms. Laureen! Merry Christmas and God Bless your good heart! :)

Jacky said...

Name : Jacky Moraleda
GFC : jackiiieliin


miss.shy.girl.:)) said...

Name: Esmeralda Marteja
GFC: maida marteja


Patricia Calma said...

Name: Patricia Calma
GFC: Patricia Calma

karmelots said...

Name: Karmel Fatima Ticman
GFC username: karmelots

colleen bernardo said...

Name:Ma.Colleen Bernardo
GFC: colleen bernardo

Anonymous said...

Name: Erikadasha Maeliza Mones
GFC username: dashamones

Felisa ♥ said...

Name: Felisa May Tan
GFC: Fel

Number Two Lover said...

Almira de Villa
GFC: Number Two Lover :)

Thank you! :D

Number Two Lover said...

P.S. My FB name is Ansherina Santos :D

Starslovesyou said...

Name: Esther Maris Villalobos
GFC: starslovesyou

camille rentoy said...

Camille Rentoy
GFC: camille rentoy

Marites Javier said...

Marites Javier
GFC: marites11_javier


verieen19 said...

Name: Eve Villaflor
username: neeleirod
Merry Christmas ate lau!!

Anonymous said...

Bianca Reyes
GFC: Bianca Reyes
Twitter: iambiancareyes

Anonymous said...

Name: Patricia Hernandez
GFC: patphernandez

nikki. :) said...

Name: Nikki Loren S. Libunao
GFC Name: Nikki Libunao

Chloe Go said...

Chloe Gabrielle Go
GFC: Chloe Go

jeinalem said...

Melanie Javier-Daganato
GFC: Melanie Javier-Daganato

krzyyperry said...

Kreiza Patolot
GFC: kreizapatolot


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