KADA Clothing x BMS (CLOSED)

 (KADA top, Extreme Finds necklace and bangles, SM Accessories spike necklace, WAGW shorts, Stylebreak leggings, Bedazzle ring, Five by Five wedges)

Wear it forward- KADA. I think it's a must for every girl to have basic tops, and this is the right one. Its loose and uneven cut is amazing- not to mention it's so comfy as well. Paired it with tribal shorts and half shredded-half opaque stockings so it will still look striking.
Now, back to KADA. Did you know the camisa line (at the bottom of the top) incorporates the KADA print, which is inspired by the indigenous print of people of Bukidnon. And- for every 20 shirts sold, they send one child to school. That's a nice way to spend your money, right? Not only are the tops are great for wearing on a normal day, but you'll also be helping a child when you buy one. Watch this VIDEO to know more about KADA.
With this, I am having another BLOG GIVEAWAY!!! Yey. I'll be giving away 2 KADA tops, P500.00 GC of TLTSN, a free 20-minute make up session at Bobbi Brown  and a Laura Mercier mascaraHere's how to join:

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5. Answer this question, "What's your understanding of KADA's tagline, 'KADA- Wear It Forward'?"
Less than 50 words only. Please leave your answer below on my comment box.

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Bee Luzada said...

My understanding about Kada's tagline is that it was inspired from the movie "Pay it Forward" wherein one does a good deed for three others and passes it on... Kada is practicing the same kindness and generosity by sending kids to school!

Twitter: http;//

By the way, you're awesome! <3

Amanda Paredes said...

My understanding about 'KADA- Wear It Forward' is be proud of what you are and wear something which will help others life to get better.!/amanda0201196/status/146871101102882816

kat lopez said...

Pay or wear it forward
You get the same reward
Doing something good for others
Is something to prove your manners.

In this case, buy and wear the shirt
And noone will get hurt
Instead it will give hope to a child
To study and someday be hired.

Unknown said...
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Lazy Bones said...

It means that when I buy a KADA shirt; I don't just have that satisfaction that I wear one but I'll be proud that I helped one child to go to school; to study.
KADA's opening door to children who wants to study but they don't have enough money. :-)

- Kat Santelices:)

Nelly Kawaii said...

I think it means wearing above your limitations. Doing such thing that you are not usually doing. You can help children reach their dreams. Buy just buying clothes.. Children can study, and it is a stepping stone for a good future.. Its a good project KADA. Earning not just for you but also for the hopeless children..

Cynthia said...

My Understanding about KADA-Wear it forward is something that tells us to be more confident and wear something comfortable but looks great when you wear it even if it is just simple and plain but inside it is a brilliant thing to wear.! :-)

Charina L. Espinosa said...

KADA's tagline, 'KADA- Wear It Forward -It’s like from the movie PAY IT FORWARD, as simple as sharing your blessing to others. =)

caffycat_22587 said...

It is an infusion of positivity to clothes like Kada which really makes a difference. You don't only pay it forward, you can wear it forward. ;)

Marcy Giron said...

It is being proud of what you wear and at the same time not being afraid to take risks when it comes to your style. Wearing it forward doesn’t just mean being fashionable, it also means being an advocate to push lives towards a better future.


Cynthia said...

It means that if we wear a KADA shirt it gave us joy and confident to wear it and also be proud that we helped a child to go to school.


Bea Ann-Marie Perez said...

My understanding about Kada's tagline is everytime your wearing a KADA clothing, you're making a difference. You're doing something that will help everyone else move forward, buying their items for your own pleasure can make a big difference to the precious lives of other people ♥


** Bea Perez

cillaloismarie said...

Kada's Tagline wear it forward is an admirable act, Kada is promoting an advocacy wherein people who buy clothes will have a chance to be part of something good. Wear it and someone's life will be changed and that someone's life will move forward in the future.

cillaloismarie said...

Kada's Tagline wear it forward is an admirable act, Kada is promoting an advocacy wherein people who buy clothes will have a chance to be part of something good. Wear it and someone's life will be changed and that someone's life will move forward in the future.

Kat D. said...

Well, my understand for KADA'S Tagline- Wear It Forward: is that not only will people wear fashion forward statement clothing but with a purchase from KADA, you get to help pave way forward to kids and their education


Gemnikka A. said...

My understanding of "KADA - Wear It Forward" is hope - hope for those people especially children who are in dire need of education. When there is "KADA", there is "hope".

Gemnikka Alcantara
Twitter: icraveforbliss
GFC: Gemnikka A.

cetta timbalopez said...

My understanding about 'KADA- Wear It Forward' is that you buy their clothes for the better future of the children who needs to go to school.Wearing their clothing means that you want to help and change the future for those kids . it's being unique and being the change you want to be.

joanamarie said...

KADA - Wear it forward.For me it simply says that in simple things we do, we can make a change. Fashion for Education.

Joana Marie Heramis

bash said...

KADA- 'wear it forward' for me it means that you have to own your style. and that you shouldn't be ashamed you should be proud. don't mind what other people will think. as long as you don't do them wrong. :)



NAME: Essa Polanco

Viana Mercader said...

My own Understanding of Kada's Tagline- Wear it Forward is being Exquisite in wearing their top, You can have your own style at the same time helping children go to schooland definitely there's something to look forward in every items you buy. Good items for a good cause :)



-Viana Mercader

Bianx said...
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ayenahmariel said...

My understanding about KADA- Wear It Forward is that you can wear it all the time , no occasion needed because it fits anywhere. Having that, you can move forward buying it and be a blessing to others by :)

fb:Mariel Venus Mangubat

czarianonuevo said...

KADA clothing offers a wide array of basics and staples that every girl needs in her closet. Unlike other trendy brands, KADA wants its customers to unleash their styling skills by wearing their staples and incorporating these to an ensemble that is modern, chic and fashion forward!!

Hope I win (crossed-fingers) :)
Czarina Anonuevo

thea_denesse24 said...

Thea Denesse Fernandez

My understanding of KADA's tagline, 'KADA- Wear It Forward' is about being proud of who you are, what you believe in and seeking out to make an impact in others life. They combine fashion with a cause making it much more than a clothing brand. Truly something to be proud of. :)

Bianx said...

"Present Generation For The Future Inheritance."

3 Points:
- Satisfying your fashion cravings could go far beyond borders.
- Educating a child can simply be like doing your favorite hobby.
- Enjoying and helping at the same time = Awesome feeling.

With KADA, we can wear something forward to someone's better future.!/beeyankeemee

Leyn Hart said...

KADA-wear it forward brings special meaning to us Filipinos because the people behind KADA proposed that for every 20shirts sold they will send 1 young Filipino to school. I am proud that it is made here through the creative ideas of our Filipino designers. It is very simple yet makes you look fab and classy. it perfect with a jeans! "Simplicity is beauty"

patz :) said...

I think KADA got the concept of their tagline from the movie "Pay it Forward". It portrays that once you've been helped, you need to pay it forward by helping others as well. I've read that for every 20 shirts KADA would sell, they'll send a child to school. Since they had profit, they would pay it forward by helping children.

Trisha Duncan said...

My understanding of KADA-Wear it Forward is that, not only will I look stylish but I can guarantee that I can send one child to school this Christmas. :)

Trisha Duncan
Twitter: @trishaduncan

ms-to-mrs so now what? said...

my understanding of KADA's tagline, 'KADA- Wear It Forward
-both end will benefit as u wear it at the back of ur mind u can tell urself that im wearing something fashionable for a cause.indeed so proud that u were able to help a child even on ur little way :)

Diana Catampongan said...

It means that when u buy at least one of their items, you can have a fashionable clothes at the same time u can help others to be in school and give them a better future♥

twitter: dianagarcia6494


bella said...

What I understand from KADA's tagline- "KADA- Wear It Forward" is that when you buy and wear a KADA top you are not only moving forward in fashion but also helping children move forward with you :)

Let's go and support KADA!!

Twitter: bookequalslove

Avee said...

Similar to Pay it Forward, only fashion-wise.


Juliene Buelos said...

My Understanding about KADA's tagline, 'KADA- Wear It Forward'is that they're clothing has a double purpose. Aside from being an rtw line and satisfying people with their products, they also aiming for the good and helping others like hopeless children :)

Jen Martelino said...

Wear it forward - It means to wear it not only by your style but with your personality as well.

Facebbok: www.facebook/imsuperjen

babyaииE. said...

to be honest, wear-it-forward to me seems to be a nice tag line which as most have mentioned is like pay-it-forward. Its sharing goodness to everybody even if there's people who aren't good. :)

Chal said...

KADA ensures every customer that they'll get high-quality trendy pieces, but the mission of the brand doesn't just end there. KADA aims to give children a chance to move forward and make a difference by sending one child to school for every 20 shirts sold.

Jen Destura said...

Q: What's your understanding of KADA's tagline, 'KADA- Wear It Forward'?
A: My understanding of KADA's tagline is having a positive movement through fashion by giving back to society. Wearing it forward means to reach out and help others and making a difference.

Bettina Kim Ballano said...


Show it to the World. Be proud with your KADA Top.

Twitter: @bettinaballano

Ara Gwin Capalungan said...

Bringing out whats best in you through love and passion for fashion.

Zelle ♥ said...

My understanding of the line is simple if you wear it forward, it means you're proud of wearing KADA...not to mention the program of them giving something to people in Bukidnon

Email: hazeluri@yahoo(dot)com

Janella said...

Wearing a KADA shirt and making a child move forward, seeing her bright future, because of you. =))

VogueEsprit said...

"KADA- Wear It Forward"
As stated above, for every 20 shirts sold, they send one child to school. It's helping others while you as well get benefits and still remain fashionable.

Meanne Cueto said...

Kada’s tagline wear it forward means everyone can wear it, striving to reach higher goals by helping children to study!

Meanne Cueto said...

Kada’s tagline wear it forward means everyone can wear it, striving to reach higher goals by helping children to study!

Jess beth Diezmos-Maldonado said...

KADA-Wear it forward..

This tag line can be describe as seeing what's on your future. Planning and preparing a better life for many individuals. it's not just the clothes that Kada clothing cater but the mission that they have for the people. they provide one of the basic needs which is clothes.. and at the same time they provide BETTER FUTURE for others.

Angel Castillo said...

I think Kada's tagline simply talks about the importance of wearing something simple and turning it into something glamorous with your own unique sense of style! And in doing so, you'd be able to send a kid to school. :)

Twitter: @angeelcastillo

Fe A Baldo said...

"KADA-Wear It Forward"> Every modern woman must mention: self confidence,style, passion, fashion,compassion, and witty expression of oneself for a better future and to be an instrument for humanity...break your style and move upward!

Rachelle Ramilo said...

I think the tagline is about how we can express ourselves through the clothes we wear and be advocates for something meaningful at the same time. By wearing KADA, we don't only get to be a part of sending children to school but we'll also be able to spread the word to other people. We won't just 'dress up' with KADA, we wear it forward.

Katrine said...

For me the Tagline of KADA-Wear it Forward means that you can help a child by wearing their cute, fashionable and fashion forward clothes. That's why by wearing these cool apparel you can also help a child to move forward in their lives.

Myla Pauline said...

Wear it forward-- to embrace the goodness of life.

Cee.Garcia said...

"KADA-Wear It Forward" Means representing yourself, your style and what you are wearing. It means being fashionable, being proud and feeling good about it. Feeling good about yourself puts your best foot forward, hence aiming for the best!

Fashion Insider said...

KADA’s tagline ‘Wear It Forward’ means that you are using the t-shirts as a tool to promote literacy and education. KADA promises that for every 20 t-shirts sold, they will send one child to pre-school. Education is the only means by which poor individuals can improve their status in life.

Twitter: @superstylista

ilasaki said...

kada tagline " wear it forward"
for me is be unique & confident in your own style. by wearing kada clothes you can help the children moving FORWARD in their future :)

ylandia said...

KADA's tagline 'Wear It Forward' means that being fashionable can also be an act of goodwill to others. Some people find buying into trends and styles as being materialistic but KADA gives fashionistas the chance to make shopping an act of goodwill. Thereby, KADA has awakened the sense of philanthropy in the online community one shopper at a time.

There's nothing like helping and staying in style, all at the same time.

Felisa ♥ said...

Kada's tagline "Wear It Forward" means that when you purchase something from them, you could help a child be brought to school because their main objective is to help other people, some of the proceeds go directly to make one child go to school. And that is one big thing, because if we ever want to feel good about ourselves, we should do something for somebody else. :) And it's called paying forward!


Carla Cee said...

"What's your understanding of KADA's tagline, 'KADA- Wear It Forward'?"

The tagline signifies two things First BUY Anything from KADA and Second you're money will reach every single soul that needs it. I love how they sell and help people at the same time. GREAT cause. :)

Jamie Buenafe said...

"Wear it forward" means to dress in a manner that is ahead and uninhibited. Fashion is not always about the current trends, it’s also about one’s personal style. Kada’s tagline pertains to the attitude of whoever wears their pieces --- that it’s all about today having the future in mind.

Krystal Pearl said...

For me Kada's tagline means wear it with confidence. Show off your uniqueness and your own style. Bring out the best in you.

Twitter: itahl

Monique Florendo said...

KADA’s tagline ‘Wear It Forward’ is about fashion for a cause, every shirt that you'll buy will not only help those kids to send to school but you'll help them improve their lives to have a better future.

baonkobento said...

As I understand it, KADA's Wear it forward means that fashion can be a tool for social change, for the good.

Superman's Mom said...

Kada-wear it forward, is a revolutionary step of us Filipinos of being fashion forward globally.

Fb: Little angel

CARLA said...

KADA --- it sounds more like barKADA, i think? hehe. Move it forward suggests that eveyone should wear this awesome and gorgeous clothing line.

chabangbang said...

I am very much reminded of two things with KADA's tagline Wear It Forward. First, being fashionably forward.The Philippine fashion industry is definitely alive and kicking butts internationally and it is with the help of designers and brands that we can achieve fashion forward looks. Second, recently there is this cause I read about inspired by the movie Pay It Forward, and when I visited KADA's site, it's their inspiration too! When you buy clothes, you get a chance to send a kid to school and change their lives forever. Yey! I am really happy that 4 kids (and counting!) are now secured of a better future. Will definitely be part of it. :)

Name/FB: Chabs Esguerra
Twitter: chabangbang

Chanel Abelo said...

"Wear It Forward" is putting your selfcenteredness aside and being concerned with others. The idea is it doesn't stop on you looking stylist and comfortable with the KADA shirt, instead you pass it on to other people, multiplying seeds of hope for them!

summerinparis said...

Aside from creating and producing clothes that are fashion forward, KADA's act of goodwill in helping children go to school keeps them ahead.

Twitter : iMayLie12
Facebook : summerinparis

jhaz deuna said...

wear it anywhere at any time as simple as it is.

Jaja said...

"KADA- Wear it Forward"..just like in BISAYA, KADA means EVERY/EVERYTIME, so EVERYTIME you BUY/WEAR their tops YOU are SENDING a CHILD to SCHOOL to better their FUTURE..

btw we LOVE you all the way here from CEBU.

Kat Valdez said...

For me, "KADA- Wear It Forward" is KADA's tagline because they are trying to bring fashion to a whole new level by not only using fashion to look good but to the extent that they will be able to help other people.

Twitter: kattvaldez
FB: Katerina Valdez

chelletaylo said...

KADA for me is like a virtue that puts good attitude in every clothes that they make. They make sure that the person who will wear it will be on its own persona because what he/she will wear will be reflected on who he/she is. So by wearing those clothes that defines you it will make you forward to a better you someday. :)

Uno said...

Their tagline not only means of being fashion forward but also help sending one child to pre-school.

Twitter: michaelajuanson
FB: Michaela Juanson

julia anne gelera said...

"KADA-Wear it Forward" The way I see their clothes, it's simple and pristine. When you wear it, you can never go wrong in style - that's the beauty of it. Don whatever you have from accessories to pants or shoes and you'll instantly have that outstanding look.

jellie dawn said...

My preconceived notion of Kada: Wear It Forward is fashion with a conscience. Dressing up in Kada's classy clothes with an edginess not only gives you a thumbs up but also earns you brownie points for lending a hand to a person in need (especially now that it's Christmas)! :)




lycah de leon said...

KADA "Wear It Forward" - Wear KADA, and be FASHION FORWARD. It's pretty basic and simple. But it's SIMPLY the BEST. :)






Charm said...

By wearing KADA Clothing, you help those children who are less fortunate. You look good, and you also feel good because you know that in every purchase you make, you make someone smile and you've just helped in making their future brighter. Awesome! :)

Twitter Username: @HeureuseCHARM

Rhea Nel said...


'KADA- Wear It Forward'

This theme/phrase of KADA means that we should have to be proud of our own self upon dressing up. It means that when we wear something, we should be confident and a straightforward type of a person. We should not let our self feel down for what others think, but instead, be proud of what we wear. Be pretty, be awesome and stand out among the rest! *u*

Rhea Nel Gulafo

Patricia Mae said...

for me, the tagline "wear it forward" means that even with a simple top one can look fashion forward and by being fashion forward she can be confident about herself of what she wears and looks :)

twitter: Purplespiral_22

Anonymous said...

i think "KADA - wear it forward" means in every clothes or things that the people will buy on KADA they also help the children who are in need. its like "you hit two birds with one stone" because you bought what you want and you also help a child. and in filipino language KADA also means "In Every" so its like. In Everything(KADA) that you bought, for sure you also help a child in need.

Claire Lim said...

My understanding of KADA clothing's tagline is how it caters to the ordinary girl through providing basic tees that can help them (me hihi) go forward in a sense of self and others through its versatile function and great cause.:)

Starslovesyou said...

What I understood from the KADA's tagline "Wear it forward" is giving you the opportunity or privilege to have a fashion sense in its classier level because of their wonderful clothing including the chance to help unfortunate children. You become a blessing and at a same time a fashion icon with KADA.

Lei said...

It means waering Kada while bringing yourself and the people around you success. It means being with Kada along your journey while sharing the achievements you received.

Lhaielaloo said...

To me, KADA's tagline means wear it like you meant it. Stand out. Be proud. Take charge. Be responsible. Act. It is doing what you are suppose to be doing. :)) I hope to win. :))

Flerika Vei Villagracia said...

KADA's tagline is a play of words &/or phrases, specifically "wear" & "pay it forward". It means by wearing or actually buying their merchandise, you get to "pay it forward", by helping KADA provide education to less fortunate children. :)

Twitter: @flerikavei

Icy Jane said...

Wear it forward for me signifies the goodness in fashion. The simplicity of Kada's design entrusted with their awesome goal to help is what it is simply all about. The fashion with a cause.

Icy Jane said...

Forgot to include my acct details :)

Twitter: icjane

Have a nice day Laureen! :)

Cheska Que said...

KADA`s "wear it forward" for me is like you share your fashion style to others even if he`s not that stylish, it would still make the person look fashionable. simple yet fashionable and you`ll be able to help other people too.

Twitter: @cheskaeq

Cat said...

KADA's "Wear it Forward" describes the drive of the company and the SUPPORT that one who buys & wears KADA brings to those in need (specifically children needing education). To be FORWARD is to move AHEAD and make a difference and start the change. And ofcourse, to wear it proud!:)

Emj Tan said...

wear it forward is not just a statement. it means that you have to stand up for what you are. even if people will criticize or put you down. it encourages us to be another blessing for other people who are less fortunate. by wearing it forward we also become an inspiration to other people. to be able to help one another.

fb: Mary Joy Jumamoy
twitter: emjSkye
lookbuk: Emj Tan

colin♥ said...

name: jhoanna marie signio
twitter: colinsignio

For me, KADA's tagline means it's not just about having good clothes when you a buy an apparel from them, it means a lot more and that A LOT MORE pertains to you being able to lend a hand to those people who are in need of your help.

Tin said...

more than being a fashionista who wears the trendiest clothes, a fashionista should also be responsible. i believe that this is what kada's campaign wear it forward is all about. fashionistas are given the opportunity to be one with their mission. so let's go help those kids!

janineonthego said...

KADA's tagline says that To Wear It Forward means you are also willing effect change. Like you're doing every little thing with a purpose.

Janine Ramilo!/itsjanineeeee/status/147657593194692608

Number Two Lover said...

For me, "Wear It Forward" simply means that the garments should be worn with progress and success in mind. Kada is there to help you bring out the best in you, no matter how many hardships you face. :)

Jacklyn Pelayo said...

My own interpretation of their tagline-'KADA- Wear It Forward, is, like when you say "TA-DAH!!" You can be simple but beautiful. Even the simplest stylish shirts can go a long way in contributing for the education of the unfortunate children. When you wear it there is an overwhelming feeling just like when you wear it forward that you were able to be part of a charitable work. :))

Bianca Sing said...

"Kai- Wear It Forward" means Kai is a fashion brand that aims to lead the fashion industry and be the most fashion forward at all times :D

marzipanie said...

"Wear It Forward" simply means taking basic clothing and wearing it in a whole new perspective. A simple change in cut and angle gives an entirely different personality to the clothing and in turn, the wearer.

Jannah said...

1. Like KADA's Facebook page- Jannah Lopez
2. Follow KADA and Laureen on Twitter -@jannahlopez
3. Like/ RT this post -DONE!
4. Hype this look and be a fan HERE -DONE!
5. Answer this question, "What's your understanding of KADA's tagline, 'KADA- Wear It Forward'?"
Less than 50 words only. Please leave your answer below on my comment box.
- You wear the dress, not the other way around.

Thanks for the giveaway! I'm a fan!

kim_coronel08 said...

For me, KASA's tagline WEAR IT FORWARD one shirt at a time because the people behind it promises us one thing: to send 1 child to school for every 20 shirts sold. Which means when you buy their shirt you can help a lot of people. Yet it is chick and very comfortable. KADA brings us a different kind of Filipino talent. One that is SIMPLE. A brand which encourages you to see beyond the merchandise and on to the thought and purpose of what you are wearing. Thus, WEAR IT FORWARD.

kim_coronel08 said...

Btw I didn't put my information on the comment that I posted sorry. Here is my facebook account:
please just inform me if I won. :) Thank you so much Laureen!!!

Jovelyn Mateo said...

KADA's tagline means being ahead to fashion trends, wear it with all your confidence, wear it and be up with the latest fashions and be proud of who you are and what you are. :)

nikki libunao said...

Wear it forward by Kada means for me, as wearing an incredible look for a cause. It's about helping yourself to look nice while helping others move forward! wanna win <3

Kimberly said...

KADA's tagline talks about being part of something big, which in this case is helping less fortune kids reach their dreams. When you buy something from KADA, you not only get to WEAR amazing clothes, you also get to DO amazing things for others :)

Katherine Austria said...

For me, KADA's tagline "Wear it Forward" means that when you purchase and wear a piece of their clothing, you help in increasing the number of shirts that help a child go to school. You've helped a child move foward to reach his dreams of graduating.

Mara Estella said...

In my own understanding, Step forward means to make oneself visible and take action. It is like If you don't step forward, you're always in the same place. KADA taught us to make our self visible and be recognize. It's like they're their to accompany us on our daily journey.

Aileen Adalid said...

I think that the tagline of Kada ("Wear it Forward") means the continuity of fashion and social change that would both work perfectly hand-in-hand. It even sends a message that not only will you get hooked with the style it holds but also with the meaningful message that it tries to put across.


Klarisse Carlos said...

To strut and be confident wearing KADA's collection.

Irina said...

my understanding of their tagline pay it forward is to do good deeds and help other people. maybe kada has reached success and they want to pay it forward.

Mayee said...

By purchasing a KADA shirt, not only do I get to wear a comfy outfit but also, I get the satisfaction of knowing that I get to help a cause!

ren.rae said...

What's your understanding of KADA's tagline, 'KADA- Wear It Forward'?
--My understanding of KADA's tagline was, be proud and confident of what you are wearing, just be comfortable and let other people see that you are not just being fashionable and trendy, because buying and wearing those clothes can help send kids on school. <3

iam super said...

GFC - Nina Morfe
Email - nina_morfe(at)yahoo(dot)com

Kada is helping send kids to school with every purchase of their products

ren.rae said...

i really love the loose top! <3

Cz said...

For me "KADA-Wear It Forward"
means being fashionable, by that I mean not following trends but being innovative and starting the trend yourself. It's about representing the face you show the world, fashion wise and also having a big heart as KADA sends a child to school. so for me, that's having the best of both worlds :D

Anonymous said...

"Kada-Wear it Forward"

It means that wearing Kada products gain you more confidence to flaunt what you have. It gives you more the X-factor to outshine from the rest and let you to be yourself. So,Kada-Wear it forward! :)))

Elmarie Bolalin!/egelbolalin

danica jane hermosura said...

my own understanding of the tagline 'wear it forward', is that, bringing kada's work in the future. not just the fashion it gives us but the good deed kada's sharing to the less fortunate.

danica jane hermosura said...

my own understanding about the tagline 'wear it forward' is that, wearing KADA is like bringing KADA to the future.not just the passion for fashion kada is sharing to us, but also the good deeds kada's doing. wearing the future with KADA's clothing.

fem said...

"What's your understanding of KADA's tagline, 'KADA- Wear It Forward'?" 'KADA- Wear It Forward, is something that doesn't need to follow the trend because it has it's own unique way that makes it stand-out. It is something that is futuristic and timeless.

jen said...

Wear it Forward- It's all about exerting your best in anything that you do and maximizing your potentials(that's the first thing that popped in my little brain=)

(I do hope my entry will make it, it's still Dec 21***wink***)

Jeniffer Gangan
Twitter: JenyOnDBlock
FB: Jeniffer Gangan

Reina Nakamura said...

BE BOLD, STAND UP AND PULL IT OFF, without being exaggerated. That is how i think of Kada. See, Kada's design are very simple but striking. They just simply move FASHION FORWARD. :)

Twitter: @reinanakamurz