(TBBS dress and wedges, TLTSN bangles, Extreme Finds lion bangle, Love Eyecandy clutch)

I decided to wear an all brown outfit for a day filled with meetings. I love this I-don't-know-how-to-describe dress; this one shoulder dress from The Balikbayan Box Sale (TBBS) just really rocks. It's design on the arm makes me look thin! And I did the right choice by pairing it with these wedges- automatically made it look like a day wear.
 Island Girl necklaces. They never fail to make my outfit look nice. So classy!!
So I went mall hopping and stopped by Topshop for a long time. I was able to meet the "Topshop Share Your Style" winners Janine Co, Aksana Kalinich, Lesly Yiu but wasn't able to meet Eileen Visda because she left early. I also found out they're having another contest called the "Unlock the Topshop Wardrobe" wherein for every purchase of P3,000.00 worth of clothing, they give you a bowl and you pick out a key and try to open the chest. If you open it, you'll receive a P10,000 gift certificate!! The contest is happening at Galleria (Dec 10-11) and Greenbelt 3 (Dec 17-18). I love Topshop contests! BMS.
Photos by: Robbie Becroft


Arnie Villanueva said...

Again a glamorous look, Laureen! ☺ Love the brown ensemble!



Anonymous said...

It made you look taller, and sexier. Who would have thought that it's not only black which can do the magic of giving you a model like silhouette? I really love your style Ms. Laureen.

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Stunning! Great outfit <3 x

roviedear said...

i love this outfit! simple yet stunning <3

The Bargain Doll

thestyleflux said...

What a lovely dress!


lynparconflorig said...

you just put on anything and baaaam! its like everything or anything would look good on you! :)


Anonymous said...

There's so many accessories that I think would clash, but they all work together really well here. Hope you had a good weekend!

carizzachua said...

good to know about the contest, im excited!

lucy kim said...

I want the Topshop contest too, I'm excited na! I had that Island Girl necklace happy we had same taste :)

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maria said...

I really love the wedges you used for the outfit. plus the bangles...nice look here :)

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