(TBBS dress and wedges, TLTSN bangles, Extreme Finds lion bangle, Love Eyecandy clutch)

I decided to wear an all brown outfit for a day filled with meetings. I love this I-don't-know-how-to-describe dress; this one shoulder dress from The Balikbayan Box Sale (TBBS) just really rocks. It's design on the arm makes me look thin! And I did the right choice by pairing it with these wedges- automatically made it look like a day wear.
 Island Girl necklaces. They never fail to make my outfit look nice. So classy!!
So I went mall hopping and stopped by Topshop for a long time. I was able to meet the "Topshop Share Your Style" winners Janine Co, Aksana Kalinich, Lesly Yiu but wasn't able to meet Eileen Visda because she left early. I also found out they're having another contest called the "Unlock the Topshop Wardrobe" wherein for every purchase of P3,000.00 worth of clothing, they give you a bowl and you pick out a key and try to open the chest. If you open it, you'll receive a P10,000 gift certificate!! The contest is happening at Galleria (Dec 10-11) and Greenbelt 3 (Dec 17-18). I love Topshop contests! BMS.
Photos by: Robbie Becroft


Arnie Villanueva said...

Again a glamorous look, Laureen! ☺ Love the brown ensemble!



Krizzia Jimenez said...

It made you look taller, and sexier. Who would have thought that it's not only black which can do the magic of giving you a model like silhouette? I really love your style Ms. Laureen.

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Stunning! Great outfit <3 x

roviedear said...

i love this outfit! simple yet stunning <3

The Bargain Doll

thestyleflux said...

What a lovely dress!


lynparconflorig said...

you just put on anything and baaaam! its like everything or anything would look good on you! :)


eggtartbox said...

There's so many accessories that I think would clash, but they all work together really well here. Hope you had a good weekend!

carizzachua said...

good to know about the contest, im excited!

lucy kim said...

I want the Topshop contest too, I'm excited na! I had that Island Girl necklace happy we had same taste :)

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maria said...

I really love the wedges you used for the outfit. plus the bangles...nice look here :)

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