TLTSN + Schu

If you love wearing heels but you can't afford to wear sky high, crazy heels- these are the perfect pairs for you. Your feet will be in no pain because the wedges aren't that high, and the best part is, it still looks amazing.
**Available in Robinsons Galleria and Eastwood Citywalk
Schu flats
Now, if you're a flats lover, you'd definitely go ga-ga over these designs (and prices). Schu shoes are now on sale in any Schu stores. Not only do they look cute and preppy, but the shoes are also so easy to style when you're already thinking of your outfit. BMS.
**Available in Trinoma, Glorietta 3, Rockwell and MOA


jenponix said...

the last pair of flats is wow!.:)

Etaduran said...

Great taste laureen! :)

Melai said...

cute shoes Laureen :)

Melai of Style and Soul

myka-tok said...

Those wedges look so comfy! I've always been more of a wedge girl than a stilettos one. :)

eggtartbox said...

I always feel really inspired when I see your shoe posts! The red wedges are my favourite in this batch, but I also like how stylish the flats look– my mum is always trying to get me to wear more flats instead of heels. Thanks for sharing! xx

BlogGirl said...

I love the flats! Even checked them on SCHU store and might buy 1!