Accessories Overload Giveaway (CLOSED)

One month from now, I will be selling my old clothes,accessories and bonggang shoes again at the World Trade Center. Price range will always be the same- P100.00 above. I will be there time to time manning the booth too, but first, I have to win a booth- so I'd like to ask help from my readers and in exchange, I will be throwing another blog giveaway. Since this is my first blog giveaway for 2012, I will be having FIVE WINNERS INSTEAD OF ONE. Yey!
 Winner 1
Love Eyecandy earrings/rings and Island Girl necklace
 Winner 2: 
Avon Fashion set jewelry
 Winner 3: 
Butingtings charm bracelet/connector ring and Sugar and Spice cuff earrings
 Winner 4: 
Miss Sartorial detachable collar and TLTSN necklace/earrings
Winner 5
Extreme finds bracelets/ring and Bedazzle white/blue rings

Accessories overload!! Join my contest and help me get 1000+ likes on my PHOTOHow to join:

1. Like this post
2. Tweet this: 
"Be one of the FIVE winners of @laureenuy 's contest by just liking a photo! Prizes are insane!! Visit  now! #BMS"
3. Like Supersale Bazaar's FB fanpage
4. Like my photo HERE and comment on the photo "BMS x Supersale Bazaar"

Get your friends to like my photo too! The more friends you pull, the more chances of winning. Just comment again, "BMS x Supersale Bazaar <then put the name of your friend>" and that's considered your 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc entry. Contest period from February 2-23, 2012. That's three weeks to get all your friends to like my photo! Winners will be chosen via Good luck to my readers and to me! Help me get 1000+ likes and prove to everyone that my readers/ followers are the best. BMS.


Pauline Perez said...

BMS x Supersale Bazaar

Beauty Product Reviews By Rhea said...

Joined! I hope to win! :) Love you Liz! YOu're so adorable.

Rhea Liza Mallari said...

I mean Laureen, Please disregard my first comment :)) Thanks for this giveaway.

Jenni Kusuanco said...

awwww..d ako makakaabot ng bazaar, march 23 pa dating ko huhuhuhu

Jenni Kusuanco said...

awww! d ako makakaabot ng bazaar, march 23 pa uwi ko huhuhuhuhu

shiori_11 said...

BMS x Supersale Bazaar

AteeNadj Nadj said...

I joined your giveaway!
BMS x Supersale Bazaar

JoanaMarie H. said...

DONE!. see yah on the bazaar. :)
I'll keep on sharing this one.

excelmore said...

Lau, are you not going to post on line the preloved items you're going sell? It would be great if you do since I'm a probinsyana. Thanks, Laureen! :)

Etaduran said...

Liked your photo and joined your giveaway! :)

kristina yu said...

BMS x Supersale Bazaar

fb link :

twitter :!/yu_kristina/status/165003560436772864


kristina yu said...

BMS x Supersale Bazaar

TWITTER :!/yu_kristina/status/165003560436772864

fB :

prettykaka03 said...

"BMS x Supersale Bazaar"

prettykaka03 said...

"BMS x Supersale Bazaar"

prettykaka03 said...

"BMS x Supersale Bazaar"

Aileen said...

Joined :)

Tweet Post:!/iamaileen/status/165016775057096704

justine joyce figueroa said...

BMS x Supersale Bazaar

dyzsoloveit said...

it's my first time to join your giveaway contest but i'm always checking your blog everyday. sipag mo kasi magpost e. i wish you all the best :)

carmi pante said...

BMS x Supersale Bazaar

Sammy Samson said...

Joined :)

jhenz balatico said...

joined :)
goodluck ^^.

Lovely Joy Merced said...

Joined, followed all steps!
facebook name: Joy Merced
Twitter name: @joyluck_614

Thanks and goodluck in winning a booth ^_^

mhoie1325 said...

Did all steps! :)
fb: Elinor Semira
twitter: @mhoie1325
Elinor Semira

Mizi said...

Goodluck :D

FB Name: Mirzi Sarte
Tweet Link:!/mizichic/status/165342836131237889

SingleMomplus1 said...

BMS x Supersale Bazaar

nica barrientos said...

"BMS x Supersale Bazaar"

Mary Ann Sanchez Cueto said...

I joined your giveaway!
BMS x Supersale Bazaar

Camille Fresco said...

Joined! :)

Anonymous said...

Friends name? or your name?

Betty said...

I have a question your gonna type BMS x Supersale Bazaar then friends name? You mean friends talaga? not my name?

Vina Yabut said...

NAME: Vina Yabut

Twitter post:!/vinayabut/status/165408923501871104

Sadelfina Fauni said...

Did everything! :)

iam super said...


Nina Morfe
FB- Nina Morfe
Twitter - @akasupernini!/akasupernini/status/165492392001155072

Anna said...

I have been a follower of your blog and I really enjoy reading it.
I joined and I hope to win!

ciara bitonga said...

Joined! :))

aida said...


kimpossiblygorgeous said...

Joined! Thank you Laureen. :)

xx, Kim

paopaolar said...

Joined! ^_^

Gladys Prado said...

BMS x Supersale Bazaar

joined! soo excited about this.. :))!/gladysannprado

jeannifer123 said...

hope you win and i win too:)

jeannifer123 said...

hope you win and i win too:)
fb link:
twitter link:!/jeannifer123/status/165845959107035136

veta said...

Liked your blogpost...
twitter link:!/veta897/status/166106920627871745

fb username: venz shwa

liked your photo and commented on Supersale Bazaar's FB fanpage


Amo, Michelle F. said...


Joined! hope to win..
been loving your blog! You are my number one fashion blogger!!/immichelleamo/status/166114782653591552

madjewelled said...!/naturaloveshop/status/166449596250329088
fb mad jewel =D

audrey said...

BMS x Supersale Bazaar. hope to win !:)!/goofus4gucci

audrey said...

BMS x Supersale Bazaar
hi hope ill win :)

Donna Jane Marcuap said...

Done with everything, joined your giveaway! I'm sure you'll win! Congratulations I joined your giveaway!
BMS x Supersale Bazaar!

lhenrose said...

try lang to join.. i really like your photos.. esp. d accessories.. i'm from bicol.. sana mapili ako to prove to my friends na totoo to..thank..keep it up laureen..i always watch binondo girl coz i want to see ur clothes..sayang nag wakas na!!!:) god bless:)

Angie said...

Hi Laureen! you are absolutely awesome! I super like your blog and everyday I read it.. Keep it up girl, we are blessed that we have Uy sister's :)

Camille Gonzales said...

I joined your giveaway Ate Laureen! :) I did everything.

kring de leon said...

BMS x Supersale Bazaar
name: alcris agno

Donna Jane Marcuap said...

Wow, these are really cool prizes! <3

I'm wodering if I need to post details like my fb name? twitter etc.
To be sure I'll post them :)

Fb name: Donna Jane Marcuap
Twitter username : mi_donnablossom
liked your entry , shared and liked by friends too.. :)

Twitted and posted on fb :)

OMG. :) so excited for this things... GOodluck everyone!

iamfabulous said...

now i can say that i'm starting to enjoy, like and love your blogs...

i want to win! :)

BMS x Supersale Bazaar -see ya!

Alta Infante said...

done all the steps! :)

FB name: Aletha Jane Infante
email: alta.infante(at)
Liked your entry and shared them with my friends. :)

CybrTrendz said...

1. Liked post
2. Tweeted:!/kittykets/status/171448431552901121
3. Liked Supersale Bazaar's FB fanpage
4. Liked photo on FB HERE and commented on the photo "BMS x Supersale Bazaar"

wow! you have so many likes on your photo already! I'm sure ikaw na panalo! woohooo..congratz po! See you on March at the World Trade Center! hehe..

Unknown said...

1. Liked your post
2. Tweeted!!!/br3ndz/status/171551981113061379
3. Liked Supersale Bazaar's page
4. Liked your photo and commented.
5. Got my friends to like your photo :)

Anonymous said...

BMS x Supersale Bazaar:D

Loraine Ira Amorin Ompad said...

FB: Loraine Ira Payne
Twitter: ItsLoraineIra
Name: Loraine Ira A. Ompad

I hope I win! :)

Rej Relova said...

FB: Rej Relova
Twitter: rejjj
Name: Regina Pia B. Relova

I'm keeping my hope's up. :) God speed, Ms. Laureen. :)

notyourordinaryteacher said...

Name: Camille Quiambao
Facebook: Vintagekawaii Onlineshop
Twitter: @quiam!/quiam/status/172645711182168065