Stylebreak: Vamp Collection

Striped dress- P1,395.00
A vertical striped dress to make you look thinner and taller.
 Striped dress and blue bodycon- P1,395.00 each
The first picture of me wearing a striped dress is actually different. If you want a simple but edgy look, this is perfect. Both actually have detailed designs on the back, click HERE.
Tricolor neon dress- P1,495.00
You can be the brightest of them all by wearing this. It's actually my favorite piece in our new collection.

Stylebreak's VAMP Collection out now- it will surely blow your mind. There are actually more detailed photos in our album, just click HERE
**Also available in Crossings Trinoma and Crossings Shangri-la Mall.** 
      Photos by: Cholo Dela Vega              Models: Katrina Loring and Yours Truly
Make up: Joyce Platon                             Hair: Dave Grona


shiori_11 said...

perfect colors :)

shiori_11 said...

Love the colors ♥

shiori_11 said...

Love the colors ♥

thestyleflux said...

Great collection!


ayah said...

i love the pieces laureen.




Aileen said...

Love the first dress :>

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Love the combination :)

paige said...

Wow! so nice. I will check them out.

Melai said...

You guys look so pretty! :)

Melai of Style and Soul

Izzy said...

the first picture is breath-taking! I love the pose, the black hair, pale skin and red lips- everything goes so well together! the striped dress is lovely too- definitely looks like it would have a slimming effect! :P

Sasa Valencia said...

Grrrr... i lobe the first shoot.. so sexy.. and i really like your collection♥

Angel said...

You and nana are just gorgeous in an effortless way :)

Life's a shoe said...

great pieces!