Got My Hat On

(Zara hat, Secret Finds jacket, vintage turtleneck top, Topshop shorts/ stockings, H&M boots)

What to wear when you know you're going to let loose and try all the scary/fun rides in Disneyland? THIS. It was also harder to choose what to wear since it was freezing cold. So I decided to wear a turtle neck top with this very loose jacket with my favorite pair of shorts (stylish na, comfy pa). I actually wanted to just wear these sheer stockings, but the weather was very chilly that I was forced to wear leggings inside- who knew it would actually look nice? I found these pair of boots at the guy's kid's section and fell in love with it instantly. If I want to look trashy, I just wear these- it keeps my feet warm and comfy all day. BMS.


Aileen said...

You look very... snuggly. Haha! And chic! :> I love the shorts <3

Ioana-Carmen said...

Nice outfit and those shoes....! Check my blog and follow me if you want!

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Great outfit! Looks comfortable and cute <3 X

jbst-wanderlust said...

Cute hat!


Etaduran said...

Love the outfit!! Specially the shorts! <3


Joanne Christina said...

Love those shorts.

Yen said...

ahh! I love that shorts! I wish Topshop still has it!