Ferretti x BMS Giveaway (CLOSED)

 If you're not used to wearing 5-inch heels, then you can opt for shoes like these. Ferretti shoes are a fusion of elegant, timeless style unexpectedly combined with the hottest tends. They sell high-quality heels, wedges and flats that are comfy/ stylish. Aside from footwear, they also sell accessories and bags. Now, I would like you guys to experience the brand (like how I did on my post HERE) so I am giving out one pair of Ferretti shoes to three readers. The three winners can choose whatever pair they want to get too. Don't you just love blog giveaways? Here's how to join:
        1. Like this post
        2. Follow Ferretti on Facebook and Twitter
        3. Tweet this: " I want new shoes from @FerrettiShoes! Check out Laureen Uy's giveaway. 
  #ferrettishoes "
        4. Comment below with your Twitter/FB name and tell me what Ferretti shoes you want to 
           win and why (provide the link of the shoes you want). You can check the designs HERE

Contest period from March 24-31 only. Winners will be announced on my Twitter and FB Fan page. The three winners will each get to choose their own Ferretti pair, which can be claimed in our Glorietta 5 boutique or at the online store (for provincial winners). Good luck everyone!
I know this is out of the blue, but I was so shocked and happy when I got so many tweets saying I'm trending on Yahoo! Philippines today. Thank you guys for showing love and support. Good news too is that I'm not evicted as a judge on Showtime (an noon time show in ABS-CBN) so see you again on Monday! BMS.


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Jeanney said...
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Jeanney said...
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Rickiena Jane Tuñacao said...

I want T-strap Espadrilles so I can wear this to my Corporate attire for my defense in school. and also I wasn't able to buy a new shoes in divisoria due to financial support for my papers works. Hope I'm one of the luckiest winner. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

These are so prettyyyyy <3 (@najjahao)

Anonymous said...


Shanine Sarad said...

I love the Sandal Flats with Metallic Lining of Ferretti. I love Ferretti shoes for a number of reasons. First of all they seem to be the initial attraction from people I encounter. I have received more compliments on my shoes that all other articles of clothing combined. Secondly, 4" or more whether pumps or sandals, forces one to walk at a different gait as opposed to lower heels and/or flats. In all honesty I would have to confess my primary reason for the love of heels/flats is the physological thrill they give when others around me stop to take notice of how I present myself when in public.


krsta said...

Twitter Name: Alyssa Krista David @imyourAKDL
FB name: Alyssa David
Tribal Print Wedge with Sequins (
It's really cute and stylishm for a teenager like me. It's also perfect for summer.Good thing we have summer class. If ever I win, I can use this for my summer classes :)

Jane De Venecia said...

TWITTER: @carzclusive
FB: carz guarin

Summer can be a challenging season when it comes to choosing shoes for everyday use. You want to make sure they are appropriate and also fashionable.Ferretti shoes have gone from "has been" to "got to have them".I think this clogs fits on my ideal summer wear and Good for all occasions. A very mod take on a classic.

Anonymous said...

Girlie Liwag

I'm kinda small but I still wear flats most of the time since I find wearing heels tiring. For a change though, I wanna experience 4" or higher. Sounds fun and exciting. (and hopefully people will start realizing i'm 22 rather than a high school student)

Anonymous said...

@SimplyAlmend (Twitter)
I am not so good with words, so I want to win this pair of shoes for my sister, to show her that I love her even if I don't really express it :) (Tan, 7)

Inah Bognot said...

@inahdgreat/Cathleen Bettina Bognot

Patent Wedge with Ribbon Accent <3 Beige. 7.5

I don't usually wear heels. But I love trying to wear them. Hihi :> I only wear flat shoes. I love also the blue flat shoes of Ferretti but I remembered I have so many flat shoes na. So, there, I'll try the wedge. :)

Nettie S. said...

Twitter @_nettiee
FB: Nettie Solon

The colors are so pretty

remycelle cruz said...

twitter name:remycellecruz
I want these rebecca shoes please? :)
Simple but classy. Pak na pak with any outfit! :)

Anonymous said...

Twitter: @marjnatt

I like to have the Silk Pleated Flats( It looks very simple yet it looks elegant because of the shinny silk used.And I like this shoes because I think I won't have a hard time pairing it to my clothes. :)

Anne Garais said...

Twitter name: @prettyanneholic
FB name: Anne Garais

I want to win ''Suede Mary Jane flats'', i like it's simple style and it's bright blue color, really fits for summer.. and besides, I can use it everyday, for casual look,or laid-back, it give a girly, classy look when used. :) It's comfortable with your feet.

Aira Khong Hun said...

Twitter: @airakhonghun
FB: Aira Khong Hun

I want this Suede Cutout Flats (black) because of it's unique and adorable style! I would love to wear this. Since this summer, i will be having OJT. BMS ♥


twitter: @kcsoygerona
FB: kc soy gerona

i want to have the Boat Shoe Loafers of Ferretti, because summer is in our way and i'm planning to go out of town like maybe cebu or vigan or palawan and this shoe can be paired with different outfits. if i'll wear a dress, it can be or maybe a skirt or mini shorts, it can be paired also. its perfect for different outfits :))

michi said...

Twitter: michisolee
FB name: michelle solee
i like to win this (bootie slingback wedges) because i'm petite and this will surely boost my height.

Dhapne Shane said...

dhapne shane gecale-twitter name
size 10
"I wanna win this because every girl should have a pair of wedge and I don`t have a pair of wedge, so, if you are going to pick me it will be my first pair of wedge. :))))^.^

jen said...

twitter: @j0hanina
fb: Jen Gerez
I want to win this Tribal print wedge w/ sequins in pink becuase the print is awesome and they're so perfect for summer! :)

Anonymous said...

Kharla Severo Mendez/@kharlamendez: T-strap Espadrilles. Because my fave wedge has retired...they look very much alike. Plus, the color shouts "its summer time".

Rochelle said...

Twitter: superOche09
FB name: Rochelle Sacdalan

I want this Ferretti: Tribal Print Wedge with Sequins shoes

Patsy said...

Twitter: @sypatricia
FB: Patricia Sy

I want this pair ( because it's so dainty with a not-a-girl-not-yet-a-woman feel and it is very versatile I can see myself wearing them to several different occasions :) *fingers crossed*

Conchita said...

i would love to get this pair i could easily style this with casual and dressy outfits.

fb conci.navarro
twitter blairbitchbunny

Jellie Dawn said...

Twitter: csanders12
Facebook: Anjelie Dawn Mendoza-Darcy:
Ferretti shoes:
Hi Laureen! I'd love to grab one of these classy tan leather clogs! Just like what the caption says, the effortlessly chic style makes it so versatile to wear. And I've never really indulged in shoes as wonderful as this. It would be a really welcome change to my ever so dull wardrobe! Watching you change up your style constantly without fear empowers the socially awkward and shy (like me) to get out of our comfort zone and try new things!

Neryssa Cuyugan said...

Twitter name: nerecuyugan
FB name: Maria Neryssa Cuyugan
I want this shoes because it is simply beautiful and it can match any color :)

Ivy Conales said...

Twitter: poisonIVY1990
Facebook Ivy Grace V. Conales

I want this:

Paulo said...

twitter: @jhobbyanne / fb: Jhobby Anne Diesta -

Blaise said...

i'd like that zebra pumps from ferretti! it's heels are perfect for my height and not only it is stylish, but it's perfect for me since i have classes and modeling workshop afterwards. with these, i would just wear it to school without needing to bring heels everyday for our workshop. :)

Rej Relova said...

Twitter: @rejjj
FB Name: Rej Relova /
I believe this pair of shoes will be perfect for school! Even though it's simple, I believe it will still look fashionable during washdays! Not only that, it will also be comfortable all day. :)

purplepastels said...

Twitter: @nadesokay
FB Name: Nadine Co

Blaise said...

i forgot to paste the link to the shoes in my previous comment, my bad. but here it is, anyway.

i hope i'd be one of the winners :) good luck to everyone! :)

Jian Alessi S. Penaojas said...

Hey Laureen! I'm @JianAlessi of Twitter! I would love to win the double buckled bootie sandals 'coz I think the design is very elegant! I think it would match the neutrals in my wardrobe! Thank you! Oh, by the way, I love your outfits in Showtime! More power! God bless!

Ruth Danielle DErla said...

Twitter: legitruth
FB: Ruth Derla
I want to win the Fiber loafers. I want it 'cause I think it's good for hopping this summer season, and looks like it will last for years :-bd

Jhet Discher said...

@Jheeet I want to win these babies because the design looks so stylish and they offer such cute colors for the loafers! <3

Anonymous said...

Twitter: @BieberandOneD
Facebook: Victoria Ysabel Ramos
Here's the shoe that I want:

mary jane said...

Twitter: Mary Jane Jaramillo @jaramillo_jane

Facebook: Mary Jane Santos

gusto ko po sana yung kasama yung picture dito sa blog nyo po yung flat shoes na may blue and brown color di ko po kasi sya makita sa Ferretti site po eh..tnx ms. laureen :)

Khaori Sato said...

FB: Khaori Sato
Twitter: @khaorisato

I would like to win Electric Pumps by Ferretti because I really like the color and I think this pumps are very comfy for everyday use :) So Chic! :)(

Kathrine Tan said...

FB name:
I want this ballet flats because it looks so comfy and it is ready for summer!! :)

mary jane said...

Facebook:mary jane

twitter: jaramillo_jane-mary jane jaramillo

sana ako mapili nyo gift ko sana para sa daughter ko 'coz she ♥ flat shoes and idol ka nya ms.laureen :) gusto nya sana yung nandito sa blog nyo yung blue and brown..di ko po sya makita sa site ng Ferretti..tnx Ms. laureen

Rachel Canales said...

Twitter : @rachelchi_beybe
FB name: Rachel Rebollido Canales

I want to win the Pointed Suede Flats ( )
because i havent been ussing high heels in our school, i only usy my loafers too feel much comfortable. i want to win those flats coz i want to try how it would feel to have those comfortable shoes. i have read your blog about it. and i really want to try one. hope to win this for the next school year. last school year pala kasi 4th year college na ko. ;)

Anonymous said...

@Jheeet I want these babies because the design looks so stylish and they offer different summer-y colors of the loafers! ❤

Christine said...

Facebook Name: Christine Frencillo
Twitter: mstine15
I'am a fan of vintage shoes, and these pair of Vintage Loafer Wedges from Ferretti are super cute. I hope to win it:) Awesome giveaway BMS!! <3

GEE said...

Twitter name: geeparina
Facebook name: Germaine Marie Parina
I want the Pointed Suede Flats of Ferretti Shoes ( ) for my mom! I think she'll love to have it. She can wear it with anything plus it's very stylish and easy to wear esp. for moms like her. Today's her birthday and I want to give her something special. This will be the answer to my prayers! :)

Rhea_lau said...

Twitter: ChiChee13
FB: Rhea Chee Lau
I want this because it really matches my personality and it really reflects all about me, its pink and looks so girly!

Tin Cabia said...

Twitter: @TheAwesomeTin
Facebook: Tin Cabia

The Bootie Slingback Wedges caught my eye, since my legs are quite short yet I always manage to make them look longer by wearing heels. By wearing wedges, I am making an effort to add some height to my petite frame, yet I can still be fashionably comfortable to stroll around town! :)

eybisidi-esme said...

Facebook: esme marteja
shoes i want:


GEE said...

Twitter name: geeprina
Facebook name: Germaine Marie Parina
I want the Pointed Suede Flats ( for my mom! I think that she'll love to have it. She can wear it with anything plus it's very stylish and easy to wear esp for moms like her. Today's her birthday and I want to give her something special. This will be the answer to my prayers!

mariel cordova said...

Twiiter: @yhelcordova

I want the "Patent Wedge with Ribbon Accent" because even though the design is simple they still look elegant and fashionable.

Mariel Jane D. Reyes said...

@Yelifeaholic: Hi Ms. Laureen! I’m an avid reader of your blog, I would love to own this lovely pair, I've been anxious on what shoes to wear this coming graduation, who wouldn't want to stun and outshine in that very moment? No one right, and for me this is the perfect pair. Since I'm a fresh grad, I couldn't really afford to buy it myself, I’m still depending on my allowance. Also for the classic design, I can use it in hunting for jobs in entering the corporate world. See, it will be a great part of my milestones. If I'll win, it would be a very unforgettable gift from a Fashion icon, I would take care of it as a baby because It would be the first good pair I will own, if ever. And having firsts will indulge me to have more and more. Thank you Ms. Uy. Godbless!

abbygonzales said...

Twitter: abbygonzales22
FB: Abigail Ann Gonzales

I want a pair of Multicolored Slingback Wedge because it is perfect for summer.

OWMYGESH said...

This pair of shoes is just so strikingly beautiful. I've never had one like this yet and I want my first to be from Ferretti Shoes. Shoes boost confidence that's why i so want to have this .
This will surely make every girl beautiful and confident as ever... I'd consider Ferretti Shoes as my number one option whenever I would buy shoes for me and my sister once I graduate from college. Your shoes made me more motivated to study harder, become a cpa, and earn afford your attractive shoes. Imitations doesn't just work for me. :))I'm Gesh Fidelino Peregrin (FB acct) Give me a pair.. PUHHHLEAAAAAASE?? THANK YOU <3

Dinna Boje said...

FB name: Dinna Vi Boje
Twitter name: @mynameisdinna

I want to be one of the three lucky winners of the beautiful ferretti shoes. I want to have this one

I am fond of doing funshoots/photoshoots with my friends and I'd love to wear it(chosen ferretti shoes) in my next funshoot if ever I win. Your products are just so lovable and fashionable. I also love your blog laureen uy.Keep it up fashionista!:)

Pam Reazon said...

FB: Pam Reazon

I would like to have the Multicolored Slingback Wedge

Because I love colors and I sure can stand out more with those wedges! A perfect pair for summer <3 :)

Gillie Domingo said...
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xAnikka ♥ said...

TWITTER: @xAnikka
FB NAME: Nikka Krusher
FERRETTI SHOES: Fiber Ballet Flats because they suit my personality and as much as possible i don't wear high heels :)

merell.mae=) said...

Twitter name: @merellmaeamigo
FB name: Merell Mae G. Amigo

An "Open Toe Silk Pumps with Suede Cutout" is what i want to win. It is for the reason that i want to break out of my shell and try out something new,cool and awesome to wear. Although I'm not really a big fan of wearing heels because i always kept on wearing rubber shoes and flats. I still find it nice for me because I can definitely say that Ferretti shoes aren't just chic but comfy as well. kudos!

shenghymz22 said...
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Vann Pacis said...

Hi Laureen Uy. :) I'm Vann Pacis (FB name)16 yrs old from Makati. And I would be happy if I win these pair of shoes These shoes really caught my eye because of its unique style and color. I haven't got this kind of shoes cause I only have the stilletos ones. I can use it in my future pageants and modelling projects. I hope I can win this, THANK YOU SO MUCH! :)

Rhea said...

FB: Rhea Collada
Twitter: @rheaplica

Wanna win this gorgeous wedge ( Ferretti because I know it'll be very versatile for any outfit especially this summer. And I am really into wedges, so comfy and easy to use. =)

merell.mae=) said...

Twitter name: @merellmaeamigo
FB name: Merell Mae G. Amigo

An "Open Toe Silk Pumps with Suede Cutout" is what i want to win. It is for the reason that I want to break out of my shell and try out something new,cool and awesome because I always kept on wearing rubber shoes and flats, and it's definitely something new for me if I can have one. :) I must say, Ferretti shoes aren't just chic but comfy as well. kudos!

loveymarquez said...

Twitter: @lobiannmarqueth
Facebook: Lovey Ann Ferreras Marquez

I want to get a hold of a pair of Electric Blue pumps! :) It would be perfect for my job application adventures since I'm a graduating student. For extra confidence and a brighter future! :)

Mei Untalan said... (size 9)
these babies are too cute!=)

FB: Mei Antonette Untalan
Twitter: meiuntalan

Rhea said...

FB: Rhea Collada
Twitter: @rheaplica

Hoping to win this lovely "Strappy Espadrille Wedge"
because wedges really fit to anything I'll wear.

Jats said...

Twitter: @jatstylebreaker
FB name: Jats Tan Sangil

I really want to win a pair of Electric Pumps because I think It's very fashionable and sexy to look at, I would like to look fabulous wherever I go with those perfect pumps! :) ❤

Shaila Joy Te said...

I wanna win this Multicolored Slingback Wedge from Ferretti.


I love it because it's my style. I complete an outfit by wearing striking and comfy shoes. It's my personality -- fun and quirky! The color of the wedge will absolutely complete the entire outfit. :)

Gillie Domingo said...

twitter: omeglie

i want:

I would like to have either of these because they are colorful just like my personality and I would definitely wear these for this summer!

jan said...

twitter: @cucuface

I would love to win the Boat Shoe Loafers because loafers and flat shoes are my life and I would really wear it everyday. I love the loafers because they look formal and cute at the same time.Also, I would love to have shoes from Ferretti.

Elisah Legaspi said...!/legaspielisah

I want the Garter Booties ( because it's so fashionable and trendy. It fits to me because I like shoes that can easily wear and that looks very comfortable :)

Jats said...

Twitter: @jatstylebreaker
FB name: Jats Tan Sangil

I really want to win a pair of Electric pumps, I find it fashionable and it's sexy to look at. It would be fabulous if I'd win those it's perfect for me! Thanks,Ms Laureen. ❤ :)

Anonymous said...

I want to get a Nautical ballet shoes, so I have new shoes for the next semester and have a comfortable walk when we transfer from building to building with my things. I'am also having a hard time to choose simple yet elegant look of a shoes that suits me and my small foot size for my age and it's quite complicated to find the pair that has the size of my feet. Thanks for another giveaway, God bless, stay pretty and awesome :))

Fb name:Princess Maryrose
twitter name:princesmaryrose

Lorraine said...

Twitter: @amlorrainelopez
Facebook: Lorraine Grace A. Lopez

I'd love to have the Metallic Sandals in blue ( because I don't own one like it and I need flats for summer class. :D

Rohanne said...

I want these cutout shoes In tan because i value shoes based on their uniqueness and being comfy, and these shoes are perfectly unique! These cutout shoes also suit my lifestyle. As a college student, i am on-the-go yet i wanna be fashionable and this is the answer! Thanks laureen!

Twitter: @ennahor
Facebook: Rohanne Ablang

Kara said...

FB: Kara Macadangdang
Twitter: @kararrific

Since it's already summer, I want either the Tribal Print Wedge with Sequins ( or the Sandal Flats with Metallic Lining ( ! Both are summer ready because they're comfortable and go with my summer outfits! Not just that, they're also perfect for school when summer classes start! :)

I'm keeping my fingers crossed! :)

Jen Destura said...

FB name: Jen Destura
Twitter: @jendestura

I want these boat shoe loafers because it's finally my chance to have a colored shoe! My shoes are currently black and grey and they are all the basic flats/sneakers. It's time to put some fashion statement with these loafers, especially now that summer is here!

hannah said...

Twitter: samcchan
Facebook: Hanana Indiano

It would be so cool if I would win the Boat Shoe Loafers
because I would wear it during summer school this coming April. It looks so comfortable and sooo expensive!! ,that’s why I love it.

Thank you

Angel Baroma said...

Twitter: @angelbaroma
Facebook: Angel Baroma

I want to win the Black Strappy Wedges because I can wear it with most of my dresses or even when I'm just wearing a plain top shirt and shorts, I like it because it has an edgy look. It can create a glam look to whatever I'll wear.


xAnikka ♥ said...

TWITTER: @xAnikka
FB NAME: Nikka Krusher
FERRETTI SHOES: Fiber Ballet Flats (
** I want this'cause it suits my personality. I'm not fan of wearing high heels because I'm so clumsy(baka matapilok ako) you know. I'm on flats. It's so comfortable to wear.

@caroleyourworld said...

twitter: @caroleyourworld
facebook: Carol Garanganao

I want this pair of sandals to win from your giveaways! it's cute, classy, and unique. the garter feature is a unique one and can be paired with shorty shorts and is cool to use this summer season! hope to win this one :))

Charlote Ventosa said...

Twitter name: Charlote Ventosa (@CharloteVentosa)
Facebook name: Charlote Ventosa
I want the Boat Shoe Loafers (mustard, size 7). I want to pair it with my dress/shorts, I can say it's a perfect combination for a summer getaway with Family and Friends. :)

Danica Salazar said...

Twitter name: danicalurrve
Facebook;Danica Salazar

I definitely want to have the Beige Bootie Slingback Wedges (
because first, I prefer wearing wedges than heels. And this can be styled in a lot of ways. If you're going edgy, classy, going out with friends or even a laid back look by pairing it with maong shorts. Plus, the color is neutral. Any color can go with it. ♥

I hope I'll be one of the winners! :)

danica jane said...

twitter name: nicajane @jane_danica
fb name: danica jane hermosura

i love this Crape Wedges with Ankle Strap shoes from ferretti ( i think they're perfect and too lovely to pair my graduation mullet dress. i will be graduating this coming May 11. and i hope and wish that, you'll pick my entry. that would be an awesome graduation gift from you and ferretti..:) Godbless to you. keep blessing others.:))

Anonymous said...

Twitter: @lyresapadlan
Facebook: Lyresa Padlan

Hi! Congratulations that you're trending here in the Philippines. :)
Starting now, i want to try something new. I usually don't wear heels, 'cause I'm tall. But with these Ferretti shoes (, who says tall girls can't wear heels, right?! :D The style is just right for my age, and i love it. :D

Charlote Ventosa said...

Twitter name: Charlote Ventosa (@CharloteVentosa)
Facebook name: Charlote Ventosa
I want Boat Shoe Loafers, mustard, size 7 ( I want to pair it with my dress/shorts, I can say it's a perfect combination for a summer getaway with Family and Friends. :)

aila saqui said...

Twitter: @ilalabu
FB name: Aila joy Saqui

I love the color tan.. I'm a kinda petite so i want to wear a not too high heels/wedge shoes and i want to wear that on my b-day in april..:) hoping!

Tamara Niña Pleños said...

Twitter: @aninaplenos
FB: Tamara Niña Orcullo Pleños

I want the metallic Sandals. It looks comfortable to wear and at the same time fashionable; perfect for summer. :)

rejj said...

Twitter: @rejjisheart (!/rejjisheart)
Facebook: Rejj Sibayan (
I want this shoes. :)

Apol Marie Duque said...

FB: Apol Jagger
Twitter: @apolmarieduque

I want the Bucket Shoes <3

Not only does it look stylish, but it looks so comfy, as well. Plus it can fit almost every outfit! Thanks! ♥

Joanne said...

Twitter: @JoanneOlaes
FB: Joanne Maryrose Sierra Olaes

I only have one wedge, I mostly wear heels. So I wanna try their Ribcage Wedges. :)

Thank you for the giveaway, hope I'll win :)

Rham Marco said...

Twitter: @rhamichubizarro
Facebook: Rhamichu Marco

I want to win these Electric Blue pumps! It will give a whole new vibe to my outfit. Please, please let me have it! :D

Evangeline Go said...

Twitter: @GODheartGel
fb: Evangeline Go (

I would love to win Ferreti's suede mary jane flats because I love the electric bold blue color!! The color alone can brighten up my day and would make a boring outfit look grand. ♥ It reminds me of Ms. Laureen's Hush Puppies x Anna Sui's oxfords. haha :)

Sophia Bianca H. Fernan said...

Facebook:Sophia Bianca Hipolito Fernan

I want to have a pair of Suede Peeptoe Pumps! It would match to anything that I will be wearing and I can also use it during formal occasions and it can help me to gain confidence.

Mahj Tayoto said...

Twitter: mahjakoto
Facebook: Mahj Tayoto

I want to have a pair of Thin Strappy Wedges. I really dream of having a wedges. I will use it in the office. I am small. And wearing a heels gives me more confidence in dealing with our clients .

Anonymous said...

Twitter: @jennicalooove
fb: Jennica Cristina Ritual

I want FIBER BALLET FLATS design in color green-blue because I find it cute and very simple. Also because it looks comfortable to wear. Very perfect for summer time! <3

I hope I win this! GOD BLESS miss Laureen. :)

riaALBA said...

Here's my twitter:
and my facebook:

here's the shoe i want to win cause of the color and the style. im fair.. and this color makes my feet looks much whiter.
I have lots of high heels and wedges but never have i bought a pump yet so trying new style wont kill me. ;)

Paula Dela Cruz said...

FB Paula Conese Dela Cruz
Twitter @katriane018

I really want the Strappy Espadrille Wedges. I never had any shoes this fancy and sexy! It would be perfect partner for my dresses. Just perfect to give me confidence and oomph for the day ahead!

서혜리 said...

FB Name: Anna Kattrina Aba Merro
Twitter: nikkamerro

I really love a lot of Ferretti's shoes but I especially love their brown cut out bootie wedges. Being short, the 4 inch heel height would make me look taller and with its 1 inch platform, wearing heels this tall wouldn't make my feet hurt that much. I chose the color brown because it is a versatile color that would complement a lot of outfits. Plus, I don't have ankle boots/booties in this shade.:) I love this pair because i think it's really unique, chic and versatile.:)

Keeping my fingers crossed! and thank you Laureen for giving your readers much inspiration when it comes to dressing up and looking fabulous.:)

anschluss_phau23 said...

Twitter id: paularoyale
FB name: Paula Palo Panlaqui

I want the Crape Wedges with Ankle Strap!( I just love the pattern of the fabric. The ankle strap is a plus factor!. Perfect for school or even night out.. It's surely a must have for me! ;)

Camille said...

twitter : @itscamillejoy

I want to win "Pumps with Ankle Strap and Pleather Accent" . Because I want to have a pumps shoes. And I also want to try Ferretti shoes , i never had them 'cause I cant afford to buy them since I'm just a student.. when i will have a job and get my own money , I would to spent them to buy on shoes and have a closet full of pretty shoes like you Ms. Laureen :))

Anonymous said...

Twitter: @beeyankeemee

I want to win this black Patent Loafers with Gold Chain Accent simply because I want to use it in my next college semester up until the last. Next year will be the last year of my college life so I want to be fab and classy during my last school days. Studying while being fashionable is never a comprise :)

KAT VALDEZ said...

Twitter: @kattvaldez
FB name: Kat Valdez

I love the Studded Peeptoe Stilettos! (

..because I've always wanted to try sporting an edgy look like yours :p and I think this would be perfect for it ;)

vilniusgotfashion said...

I REALLY want these shoes!!!

The reason why I want these shoes is pretty cute :) If I'll win these beautiful shoes I'll give away to my grandmother! It would be the best present for her birthday, because she's crazy for shoes as much as I am!!! :))

Thank you <3

My twitter-!/VilniusGOTit
My facebook-

Stephipay Suyo | The Singing Working Gal said...

Twitter : @phipaysuyo
Facebook : Stephanie Kay D. Suyo

I'd love to win this pair!

THis is far from what I have, coz I always stick to neutral and plain colors. This is definitely an out of the box flats :) This will definitely be style breaking for me!

Chedimae E. Sabueto said...

Twitter Name: @chidimuy
FB Name: Chedimae Escala Sabueto

This shoes ( catches my eyes most than others. I just love the color cuz it can go w/ everything. You can pair this w/ anything & it still looks chic. Another thing is, when you wear it, it can make your feet look more lighter because of its color. Hoping to win this shoes. I just looooooove it to the max!♥ *u*

i am certified said...

Twitter: dara_asinas
FB name: dara asinas

I want to win a pair of Black Crisscross Espadrilles, because it's very stylish, chic and comfy. The style goes well with my office uniform and it can also be worn terno with shorts, dress and pants. having these baby is a WIN-WIN for me. Pick me Laureen ;)

Shara Glorioso said...

FB: Shara glorioso (

Twitter: Shara Glorioso (!/syiobe)

i would love to get a pair of Studded Peeptoe Stilettos -->
because its sooooo gorgeous, perfect for a petite like me haha :D

Maav said...

Twitter: @CallMeMaav
Facebook" Maria Avina Pendon

i want to have the pair of Bucket Shoes ( This is the perfect style of wedge that I've been dreaming of. I think this is the perfect pair of shoes that is fitted in any outfit that i will wear. I hope i will have this Fabulous Shoes! THANKS A LOT! <3

Reneleen Santiago said...

My facebook name is Reneleen Santiago and I am @seereneebeesee

I super like this pair for my graduation rites this coming April 18:) I am currently in the process of searching for a perfect pair of shoe for that very memorable event of my life. And suddenly I saw your blog post, and I got so excited to join to make my grad shoes special(of course it will be extra special because it is from you and ferretti). *fingers crossed*

jongcute said...

twitter: @jongcute
fb: Janice Marjo Nuevas

I want to win the "Crape Wedges with Ankle Strap" it would be perfect for my office attire,and i really want to have a black wedge,because its so comfortable and it go with any outfit you wear.

Aprille said...

Twitter and FB Name: Aprille Luna
I want this shoes:
para ready for summer. :)))

Maav said...

Twitter: @CallMeMaav
Facebook: Maria Avina Pendon

I want to have the perfect style of shoes the Bucket Shoes . This is the style that I've been dreaming of! Because this kind of wedge is fitted in any of the kinds of outfit. it can be for a formal or in a casual. I want this shoes to wear in my first demo teaching, for me to look fabulous! :) i hope i will win and have this soon. THANKS A LOT! <3

Maav said...

Twitter: @CallMeMaav
Facebook: Maria Avina Pendon

I want to have the perfect style of shoes the Bucket Shoes . This is the style that I've been dreaming of! Because this kind of wedge is fitted in any of the kinds of outfit. it can be for a formal or in a casual. I want this shoes to wear in my first demo teaching, for me to look fabulous! :) i hope i will win and have this soon. THANKS A LOT! <3

Andrea Bensali said...

entry for blackberry pilipinas

Maav said...

Twitter: @CallMeMaav
Facebook: Maria Avina Pendon

I want to have the perfect style of shoes the Bucket Shoes . This is the style that I've been dreaming of! Because this kind of wedge is fitted in any of the kinds of outfit. it can be for a formal or in a casual. I want this shoes to wear in my first demo teaching, for me to look fabulous! :) i hope i will win and have this soon. THANKS A LOT! <3

Abigail Sarah Vilbar said...

i wish to have one of the ferretti shoes..i prefer the marigold or donna shoes because its so feminine and glamorous and i wish that i can have it so i can use it for my debut on september..its so feminine and i wish to have a shoe like that.

FB name: Abigail Sarah D. Vilbar
Twitter name:@sugarplum1229

littlemisspoleng said...

Twitter: @MariePaulyn
Facebook: Marie PauLyn DeLa Cruz

I chose this wedge with the ankle strap because I think it is fashionably comfortable because it's a wedge. I love wedges! :)

Salve Galindez said...

Facebook: Salvacion Galindez
Twitter: jaiconess

Since I am not that blessed with height, I prefer shoes that could add up even just a bit to my short body and I'm glad I have found one in Ferretti designs.I love Peep-toe Slingback Wedge because I think it's very comfortable to wear since it is cushioned, and I think if i wear those I would be slightly Taller since it has a sort of "height enhancer" feature. I hope I could really win one, i really love it!. Godbless!

jenny07_tm said...

I want to win the Ribcage Stilletos which is perfect for different kind of styling, whether I'm going for a party or for a chic look, black goes with anything and I want to dance wearing this heels and this is a must have!

FB NAME: Bilog Austria
Shoe Link:
Tweet Link:!/B1l0g/status/183509639852326912

mariel cordova said...

Twiiter: @yhelcordova

I want the "Patent Wedge with Ribbon Accent" because even though the design is simple they still look elegant and fashionable.

iamveeh said...

Twitter name: @iamveeh
FB name: Vanessa Marie

I want to have the double buckled bootie sandals because I like the design of the shoes, especially when it comes to black, it's so elegant to look, I mean, most of the shoes available at ferretti are elegant, but the double buckles bootie sandals, really caught my eye. I also want to try a 4-inch shoes. I hope the next time I see the pair, it will be from a package, and I could wear it, for real. :))


Regine Joy said...
gusto ko tong shoes n to nde lang dahil s fashion kung hindi dahil ndin s marami aqng nari2nig n feedbacks about this Ferretti shoes na its super comfy daw tlga.
and bilang isang estudyante ito ang hinahanap ko dahil lagi akong lakad ng bihira ang shoes n maganda at comfy pa. :)

twitter: @ohmygine
fb name: regine advincula

Gellie Balbuena said...

Twitter: @GellieBalbuena
FB name: Gellie Balbuena
Ferretti shoes I want: Definitely the Electric Blue Pumps ( I have been planning to but blue pumps but didn't have the chance to :( It makes my feet (and legs) look whiter, and blue can be paired with a lot of colors so choosing what to wear with it will not be a problem :)

Andrea Bensali said...

this donna colorful heels is sooo fab! i love it! ♥, it would be perfect for me and if I wear this I'll be fabulous like Ms.Laureen uy <3 from @ferrettishoes

Jeanney said...

Twitter Name: Jeanney @iLoveJeanne
Fb name: Jeanne Peralta

i want the Studded Peeptoe Stilettos one. kasi ang cute and napaka vintage tignan. and i want to have it kasi kapag susuotin ko yan parang feel ko katulad ko na si Miss Laureen. I mean i want to be like her! <3 so i hope ako mapili. and if i do, ituturing ko yon na parang baby ko katulad ng ginagawa ko sa mga shoes ko! :">

Krizza said...

Twitter: @izzapaul
Feretti shoes? OMG! i love those shoes. Like you said its super stylish and comfy to wear. You can pair it to any occasion. I would like anything from it, if i have the chance to. Please grant my request. Thank you! More powers Break My Style(BMS)

Iamwallaby said...

Since the website of Ferretti is under maintenance, I want this pair:

The color is perfect to give that extra oomph to an outfit and the height is perfect for girls on the go like me. I hope I win :)

Twitter name: Iamwallaby
FB: Jhunalyn Modesto

Janelle Opolentisima said...

Studded Peeptoe Stilletoes

Twitter: @janelleismyname
Facebook: Janelle Opolentisima
Hello po! I want to win the studded peeptoe stilletos because I can use it for photoshoots and special events. During photoshoots I dont own any high heels so, I just borrow sandals from my friends. I want to own this stilletos because it is very fashionable and gorgeous. It looks so feminine. If I will wear this, I will totally look tall, hehe. God Bless po :*

Charm Picana said...

Twitter name; @chachaarm
FB Name; Charm Picana

Sandal flats with metallic lining (

I want to win this Ferretti flats because i fell in love with its design at first sight. I think its comfy and stylish in one. And it will be useful for me since I'm still a student so I can wear it everyday. :) Hoping to win your giveaway, Ms Laureen!!! <3

Anonymous said...

Twitter: kiamae21
I wanna win the Electric pumps because it depicts my personal style. It can be formal and classy but with its striking color and funky edge it can be the center attention of any plain outfit that you can wear. Plus blue is my favorite color. What else could you ask for.

beia policarpio said...

Twitter: @BeiaPolicarpio
FB name: Beia Policarpio
Ferretti shoes I want: This will be perfect for me since i love dressing up in dainty dresses. its very cute and girly and the heels are just right not to high and not to low. hope i win this will be a great early birthday present for me =)

MicahDC❤ said...

Twitter: @SuperZephy
FB Name: Zeph Dela Cruz

I'd like to win this Ferretti shoes not for me, but for my mom, so for the next school year, she'll have new shoes to wear in school! My mom's a teacher :)

Erica Ang said...

FB name: Erica Ang
Twitter account: @ricaang
These cute and pretty Rebecca shoes will certainly go with anything I wear and with my on-the-go schedule, these are perfect for me!<3

hapiyatot said...

I would love to win the Boat Shoe Loafers( Especially the mustard one. It looks comfy and at the same time fashionable. I can pair this with anything. :)) ILY Ms. Laureen. ♥

FB Account:

Twitter Account:

Anonymous said...

Twitter: @akoCviel
FB: Bianca Viel Caligagan

What I would be happy to get from Ferretti? Is their Crape Wedges with Ankle Strap ! It gives me a comfortable feminine look ! Hope I win! :D

hapiyatot said...

I would love to win the Boat Shoe Loafers( Especially the mustard one. It looks comfy and at the same time fashionable. I can pair this with anything. :)) ILY Ms. Laureen. ♥

FB Account:

Twitter Account:

simplyME said...

twitter: @icelyn2126
f,b: lalyn madrid lacsamana
i want this ferretti shoes

Rachelle Ramilo said...

Twitter: rachelleramilo
Facebook: Rachelle Ramilo

I like these sandals ( because they look simple but elegant with the metallic lining. This pair is perfect for the summer :)

livewithlove said...

FB: Ezra Balasa
Twitter: ezrabarbara

Every girl needs a pair of fab shoes! Shoes can add pizzazz, funk and edge to any outfit. It also defines the personality of whoever's wearing it. I'm also a shoe lover and having a chance to wear my chosen style will definitely make me and my feet happy! With the black Studded Peeptoe Stilettos from Ferretti (, I can still look glam and fashionable but at the same time look edgy and sophisticated. You can never go wrong with heels! Especially this one from Ferretti :) Thanks Laureen & Ferretti! :)

Lia Tinio said...

I want to win the Chic Corporate Pumps ( because I think it would go very well with my clothes when I go seek for my very first job right after graduating this March 2012 (@liacheeks):)

Jamjam Millares said...

Twitter: #blissfuljam
FB: Jamjam Millares

I want the "faux-snakeskin-pumps". So that I can use it on my graduation and wear it with confidence. And also I believe that beautiful shoes will take you to beautiful places. :)

Princess_Jalopy said...

i am abigail igbuhay ( with twitter username princess_jalopy

i want ferretti shoes especially this one because it's so classy. a simple outfit with a classy bag and shoes would transform that simple outfit of yours to FAB ! :>

people have been so obsessed with wearing heels nowadays because they don't just give your body a dashing look but it adds confidence especially when your heels or pumps is as HYPE as the ferretti's :DD

viva ferretti it'll help me in finding a company for my OJT. i believe that wearing one of your shoes will make me extra adorable to people ^_^

cocojamss said...

Twitter: cocojamss
FB name: jam carabeo

i love the Suede Mary Jane Flats coz the color is really eye catching and blue is definitely my second favorite color (first is pink) and aside from that i'm really comfortable in wearing flats rather than heels

Princess_Jalopy said...

btw, my size is 9 ^_^

Etaduran said...

Twitter: @Etaduran
FB: Erika Taduran

I want these boat shoe loafers because they're adorable and very flexible in any outfit and most especially its comfortable! :)

ellamaegener said...

Twitter: elladesperada
This is just perfect for any oufit especially this summer. The bold color would help me stand out in the crowd. This is eye-catchy at the same time it gives the chic vibe. Not only that, I'm pretty sure this would be comfortable. I love everything about this shoes especially the solid color, it's my fave! :)

crystelannepaner said...

I so love BMS giveaways and off course Miss Laureen Uy! :>

FB: Crystel Paner


It's summer time so grab out your maxi dresses and pump it out on the beach with a very chic and fab flats! Flats are a must wear this season so it will be comfy for you anywhere you go, I do love this Ferretti Shoes .

Hope it will be mine! :> (crossed fingers :))

Antoinette Simeon said...

twitter: @lordslovetonet
fb: Mary Antoinette Simeon

Ferretti shoes: Pleather pumps w/ stitch detail in nude color

Why: As a soon-to-be college graduate, I'm excited to work in the industry and start a life as an independent woman. I want to build a mini-empire of shoes and bags to join me as I live that dream. This pair would be perfect for work and I love the color. :)

Zeegela said...

Twitter: akozeegelaii
FB: Gela Ga-ang

I would love to flaunt a pair of this in the office and tell everybody it was given by Feretti and the fashion icon, Laureen Uy:

Carla Alcantara said...

Twitter: @carluh_
FB name: Carla Alcantara

I want to win the T-strap Espadrilles shoes. It's comfortably and fashionably cute. I can wear them with anything I want to. And I'm a sucker for high heels. They're very simple, girly and vintage!

Merry Jane Ocol said...

twitter jingkring
fb Merry Jane Carbungco Ocol

I really love wedges!!

ellamaegener said...

Twitter: elladesperada

This suede mary jane flats would make you an instant chic with any ensemble that you could come up with. This bright blue shoes can catch anyone's eye.. the color is perfect for summer! Not only it gives off the chic vibe, it also spells out comfort! You can wear it with a dress or tee-jeans combo.. i love everything about this. Especially it's in my favorite color <3

Rhyusriani said...

Twitter : Rhyusriani
FB : Rhyusriani Aegyoduckz

I want to get the ribcage sillettos because I'm fan of high heels and can make me look so glamour If I wear for party

Rois Deduyo said...

I want a pair of garter booties from ferretti shoes! I bet these flat sandals are very comfy and good especially for summer! I'm not a fan of sandals but lately it's becoming a trend so I want one too! I've been searching for one and viola! this exactly what I wanted! It was perfect! I hope to have ferretti as my first sandals! I hope I get one Lau! ♥

Facebook: Rois Deduyo
Twitter: @roisdeduyo

Anonymous said...

TWITTER: epplejuice
FACEBOOK: Gina Millan Tejero

I am a probinsyana girl who is so traditional concerning my outfits. I am thinking, i really need a little twist! How about a little height and bye bye for flats? this: will transform me from that plain-jane to fabulous probinsyana! If i win, i will definitely wear it on my 5th anniversary with my husband!

MomyJorayma said...

FB: Jorayma Salvan
Twitter: momyjorayma!/MomyJorayma/status/183552050410438656

i love the Strappy Wedges.. goes well with any dress....

More power Ms. Laureen Uy....

Xhartreuse said...

Twitter: @Xhartreuse
FB Name: Rashelle Puno

Ferretti Shoes that i super like::::
---Tribal Print Wedge with Sequins---

Why? This would be my first High heel shoes! as in first!!! Im not used of using high heeled shoes... Puro flats and doll shoes lang ang gamit ko eversince... Although i'm only 4'11 in height at aminadong maliit talaga ako.. I just want to try something new... ang mag High heels naman... Hindi ako sanay pero i want to try something new, para maiba naman at hindi lang puro dolly shoes, flats, slippers, etc ang naisusuot ng paa ko...Ferretti kaya ang makakapasok as record holder ng buhay ko?? ang first time high heeled shoes ko??hehehe... sana po... GOd Bless... :))

Jennel Maquinana said...

On May 11, 2012, I will receive my college diploma. so this "Marigold" Ferretti shoes is perfect for my dress on that special and memorable day :) magagamit ko pa ung shoes for my job interview! :))) this is a perfect graduation gift from Ms. Laureen Uy and Ferretti! :)

Jennel ♥♥♥

FB name: Jennel Galicia Maquinana
Twitter name: @jennelmaqui

Loujie Delica said...

Facebook: Loujie Delica
Twitter: @LOUJIEtimate
Chic corporate pumps with ribbon detail ( (Black, Size 9)

I would like to win this lovely pair of pumps because of its classiness and sense of comfort. This pair reminds me to aim high, and at the same time,enjoy life as it is. :)

bianca said...

FB: Bianca Teresse Cabingan
Twitter: @BiancaCabingan

Even if it has a plain black and white design, for me, the simpler the better. :)

Rina Ignacio said...

Twitter: @itstheRthing
Facebook: Rina Ignacio

Hello there Laureen! I totally love these T-strap Espadrilles (! These shoes are just perfect for the beaming light and blazing heat of summer! I can pair it with a dress, shorts, skirt.. anything and still manage to look gorgeous! And when I say gorgeous I mean.. magnificent! I fell in love with it the moment I saw it! I’m absolutely rooting for these shoes! It will thoroughly compliment any outfit. It just never goes out of style. Plus, I’m an avid reader of your blog and you are just a living proof of how stunning those shoes from Ferretti can be! Ferretti is every girl’s fairy godmother! No doubt, every girl can be Cinderella by wearing Ferretti shoes. :)

faith123089 said...


TWEETER: @bhebhe_fides

I want to win this one simply because its simple chic and versatile. . I want to win this giveaway simply because I think this would to suit me to land any job interview,mainly because me being a young mom would boost my confident in facing what life has to offer me, I want the world to know and every women especially for moms that it's ok to be chic and fab even if you have your own family. . that we have to take care of ourselves too and because some people whether we like it or not will judge us based on what we wear because sometimes it also represents on what we have to offer . . .

Len Roldan said...

Twitter username: LenRoldan

Tribal Print Wedge with Sequins

This one really got my attention, though I really love wearing heels. I became so easily attracted with the colors. They're so young, expressive, natural and fun. Just in time for summer :)

notyourordinaryteacher said...

Facebook: Vintagekawaii Onlineshop
Twitter: @quiam
I'd love to have the Peeptoe Slingback Flats
because yellow is my favorite color. It is perfect this summer because it is very laid-back and comfy yet cute and sassy. I created three different looks that will perfectly go well with these chic Ferretti shoes:
Hope you like it :)

Ianne Pejic said...

FB Name: Ianne Pejic
Twitter: @SiIstanAkoWell, as much as possible, when i want to buy any ladies shoes, i make sure that im going to buy those with super high heels cause i think it will make me look more fashionable! But with these flats from Ferretti which is the "Colorful Pointed Flats in Crinkled Fabric" ( ), i've found out that i can look more high fashion even if i'm wearing flats most especially if i'll be wearing this kind of flats. so i really hope i'll take home the bacon this time. LOL. :DD

Judilee May M. Briones said...

Fb: Judilee May M. Briones
I really love this pair of shoe! they're adorable. I mean they really are perfect for a student like me. This is so great and comfy because it comes in flat. And not to mention its Fashionable too.
No wonder this is definitely came from a well-known company producing various of excellent product. And designed by brilliant minds. I Salute to them.

charmaine montes said...

twitter name: loveforcharm

I've always wanted to own an electric blue pumps. Aside that it's really chic and pretty, I love how the color stands out. As cliche as it sounds, it can turn an outfit to drab to fab. And being a comfort over style chooser, the little heels it has makes it my choice.

myrtle said...

Twitter: @im_cortez
FB name: myrtle alaiza garcel

Elisa said...

I would love to get these:

in black,

'cause I don't own more than just couple pairs of shoes and I don't have enough money to buy new ones. These heels would be just perfect for me.

Twitter: @Elysiatweet
Facebook: Elisa Kylmäoja

Catherine Lansang said...

FB Name: Cath Lansang
Twitter Name: Catherine Lansang @iamteachercath

I would love to have Rebecca! :)
This pair of pumps can go with everything. Wearing wedges seems to be my comfort zone for everyday life. This time, I would like to try Ferretti Rebecca pumps. This would make me even more confident of myself. Thank you. :) #BMS #FerrettiShoes

geena said...

Hi, this is geena (twitter name: geeenzz99).
I like the Pointed Flats with Buckle Accent because I can wear it to different types of outfit – shorts, skirts or pants. One style of shoes can give me different looks and its comfortable to wear - that’s why I want it 

Jennel Maquinana said...

hi Ms. Laureen Uy and Ferretti! on May 11, 2012, i will receive my college diploma. and "Midas" Ferretti Shoes would definitely perfect for that special and memorable day... :) magagamit ko pa po ung shoes for my first job interview! :) and also, ma-isshare ko pa sya s Mama ko. :)
this would be a great graduation gift from Ms. Laureen and Ferretti

Jennel ♥♥♥

fb name: Jennel Galicia Maquinana
twitter name: @jennelmaqui

eypolapol said...

Twitter: o_apol

If I win this shoes, it will give an edgy feel to my minimalistic outfit.




iampaulaaquino said...

twitter name:iampaulaaquino
fb name: Paula Aquino
shoes: I love this, it's so classy and the same time perfect for the summer because of the cool cut-outs on it. I can definitely wear it anytime, anywhere and with any outfits. kudos!

Patricia said...

Hello! My Twitter is zanyside. My Facebook is Patricia Pedro. I love the Lovely Suede Wedge with Ankle Straps in black. I'm a petite gal and I don't like wearing pumps that much. I think a little height won't hurt. Plus these go with everything. I did check the size availability. Im a 9. :)

Rafsonie said...

FB name:Rafsonie Joyce Sañol Mogote
Ferretti shoes I want:Cut-out Flats, im outgoing person. Loves go shopping or walking downtown and i like comfy flats. I think Cut-out Flats is best for this summer shopping trip and going for summer classes.I love also the style and the color fits for summer colors. I can use this in any occasions. And hopefully i can have this super cute flats on my foot.

Anonymous said...

twitter : regine justiniano
facebook : ejin justiniano

gusto ko yung shoes na yan :) pero wala akong budget para maafford ko yan ngayun kasi im saving my money for my summer class :(
i love the style,its very trendy and i love wearing flats :)

i always check your blog site and your style really influences me..

thank you so much, MS. LAUREEN UY

ghee said...

Twitter: @ghee1025
Fb: mary grace berana

Hi ms. Laureen! As a nurse I have to wear white and flat shoes almost everyday which I find a little boring most of the time… so for a change, I would really love to pamper my feet with this adorable, perky-colored pair of wedge which will definitely add a glam to any outfit and perfect for this season!!!
So there…

thanks! goodluck to all.

rjecoyel said...

Jecyl Sumo Romulo

i want to have one pair of pumps for the work place. after graduation and i will land an office job it's perfect to pair with any office uniforms. ferretti shoes are durable so i will save on buying shoes for everyday use.

Tanya Santiago said...

FB: Tans Santiago
Twitter: svetlanisophy

I want to win this shoes:

A classic black peeptoe pumps, a must have in every girl's shoe collection for it perfectly polishes that elegant sophisticated chic look. you can never go wrong with this pumps perfect for any occasions.

chySSa - git :o said...

FB name: Chyssa May Yares
Twitter name: chyssamay

I would gladly have those Peeptoe Slingback Flats ( because it's so chic, stylish and very wearable this summer :) I'd also love to have this because it can be matched with any outfit :)

Marie Jane Rosell Jaime said...

FB Name: Marie Jane Rosell
Twitter account: MJ Jaime / @MarieJaneRosell

I love these shoes so much! The elegant color and its simplicity. The very much reason why I love this is because I know that they are very wearable. I am a young mom yet I am not yet married yet. This makes me insecure about myself, sad to say. I always want to look beautiful about myself. I know with these shoes, my confidence will be boosted. Since it is very comfortable, I know that I can wear it all day playing ang strolling with my son without stressing my feet.

More power mIss Laureen!

Marie Castro said...

Facebook: Marie Castro
Twitter: @mariebiskwet

I want to own this pair of Ribcage Boho Sandals because I only own a number of footwear and as to I want to style it with the maxi skirt I've received from another giveaway. Also to lighten up my mood on dressing up.

Joyce said...

Twitter: @prettyfreebies
FB name: Marie Joyce Cabebe

I want to win Rebecca shoes (

As cliche as it may sound, simplicity is always beautiful. These simple nude pumps can be paired with anything, from classy ensembles to romantic looks, and even casual ones. It's essential for any girl's closet, and that's why I know I want to have it! :)

jel_0403 said...

Twitter: jel_0403
FB name: Jel Concepcion Macadaeg

I want the ribcage stilettos ( because of the drama and flair of its design
plus the glam factor it can add to any outfit. It can turn a plain jane peg to a look worth drooling over. Talk about effortless style!

Jia Portic said...

Hi Ms. Laureen!! How are you today? :D I wanna win a pair of (red boat shoe loafers) because I think it fits my personality. And it's comfy!! And since my mom and I have same size, I wanna share it with her!! :) And its simple, yet very elegant and adorable! :)

twitter: @jiaportic
facebook: Jia Portic


Jia Portic said...

Hi Miss Laureen!! How are you today? Saw you on Showtime earlier! Stunning! So yeah, I wanna win a pair of (red boat shoe loafers). Because, it fits my personality. Second, its simple yet so adorable & elegant!(like you) Third, since my mom and I have the same size, I'm gonna share it with her. She loves flats!! :) :)

Twitter: @jiaportic
Facebook: Jia Portic


AJ Saavedra said...

Twitter: adjadjbaby
FB: Adj Saavedra

These gold shoes would really make my graduation dress complete in every sense of the word. As I set out into the "real world", these shoes would really boost my confidence and drive to make a difference and help our country the best way I can as a newly-graduated Iskolar ng Bayan. With these babies on, I can't help but feel ready to take on whatever challenge that may come my way. :)

Thanks, Ms. Laureen! :)

ghee said...

Twitter: @ghee1025
Fb: mary grace berana
Hi ms. Laureen! As a nurse I have to wear white and flat shoes almost everyday which I find a little boring most of the time… so for a change, I would really love to pamper my feet with this adorable, perky-colored pair of wedge which will definitely add a glam to any outfit and perfect for this season!!!
So there…

Anonymous said...

Twitter: @itzmeerilane
FB name : Erilane Rose Arabe

i want Crisscross Espadrilles Ferretti shoes to be my partner as I face another milestone in my life.. As I turn 18, on March 30.
i want to wear Ferretti shoes as I take my first step as a official YOUNG WOMAN :)
thank you ms. laureen uy

patchicha said...

Twitter: @kikaypatchicha

I like Rebecca, the camel one, ( ) because I believe pumps never goes out of style so I can wear it anytime.. I am a college student so I can wear it in seminars and even in parties I attend. Also, the color can blend with every color/shade easily so I don't need to worry about the color of clothes I'd like to wear with it :)

erilane said...

Twitter: @itzmeerilane
FB name : Erilane Rose Arabe

i want Crisscross Espadrilles Ferretti shoes to be my partner as I face another milestone in my life.. As I turn 18, on March 30.
i want to wear Ferretti shoes as I take my first step as a official YOUNG WOMAN :)
thank you ms. laureen uy

Melinda said...

Fb name: Melinda F. Valencia-Macaranas

Would love to have these classic clogs.they're so cute and woukd go with shorts, pants or casual skirt.
I first saw same style when i was five months pregnant (aug 2011). Unfortunately, i was not allowed to wear such back then. But now, i'm about to go back to work, they would a great addition to my shoe collection :)

Morepower! Hope to see more of you at ABS CBN!

smurfyyuan said...

TWITTER: @smurfyyuan
FACEBOOK: Hanah May Fua

Because sandals are must-haves every summer I choose pair of Ferretti sandal flats with metallic lining.I love the color and it's design also comfortable to wear easy to slip on and off and they go with everything from a cute summer dress, your hottest pair of short-shorts, or your favorite worn-in jeans.It's much safer to wear flats for me when going out with my baby :)
Hope i will win so i can wear expensive sandals too actually all of my sandals are cheap hehe

Thank you Ms. Laureen :)

Anonymous said...

Twitter: edhel21
Ferreti shoes: Crape wedges with ankle strap
Why: I like it, basically. I would be really blessed to have a pretty shoes like that from Ferretti.
*I'm a size 6 haha
Thanks Ms. Laureen, more power and God bless even more!! :)

Anonymous said...

FB: Mikay Paje De Jesus
Twitter: micaloveirish

i love to have the Tribal Print Wedge with Sequins because of the unique style. This wedge is so perfect for summer so it's a must-have shoe. i know it's comfortable because of the small heel height. and i love wedges because i'm not tall. hihi :"> hope i win. godspeed ms laureen :*

megarose said...

Twitter: @itzmeerilane
FB name : Erilane Rose Arabe

i want Crisscross Espadrilles Ferretti shoes to be my partner as I face another milestone in my life.. As I turn 18, on March 30.
i want to wear Ferretti shoes as I take my first step as a official YOUNG WOMAN :)
thank you ms. laureen uy

Cherrilyn Ilustracion said...

I like its booty like look. I can wear it on my graduation day, cause I think it fits in any dresses. And I believe that your look depends on how you'll carry yourself and the confidence you must always bring.

Twiiter and Facebook name: Cherrilyn Ilustracion

Macky Dagan said...

Twitter: chrisard03
FB: Macky Dagan

I want to win the Open Toe Silk Pump with suede Cutout This coming April 13 I will be having my Graduation Ball and this pair of shoes looks very sophisticated and perfect for my outfit that I am planning to wear.

Thanks Ms. Laureen Uy and Ferretti Shoes <3

Aulinnie said...

FB: Yuleen Anatan
twitter: @aulinnie

i'd love to have this Sandal Flats with Metallic Lining to have that more laid back vibe this summer! =)

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