Hazy Dream

(Goody spin pins, D&G sunnies, Personalized Accessories necklaces, Zara top, SM Accessories bangles, YSL bag, Style Staple skirt, Giftsahoy booties)

These Personalized Accessories mirror necklaces are seriously the most convenient pieces ever invented! Actually, you can choose the color of your choice (they have neons, glitters, brights, etc) on the designs they have and I chose these spike and collar pieces in mirror style because they look so great when worn together. Not only are they incredibly light, but they're also very useful if you need lipstick/powder retouch because you can see your reflection. Two-in-one usage! It can be paired with anything too because the silver-gold combination gives it balance.
By the way, it's my first time trying out this crazy hazy/dreamy shots. What do you think? BMS. 


Jeline said...

Omg, I love your necklace!

Angel said...

ang bilis! kanina lng kita nakita sa showtime, may blog update na :)

Etaduran said...

love the necklace!! and the booties <3


madhatter said...

Those mirror necklaces are totally lush. They really do look amazing.

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Rosalinda Tjioe said...

The collar necklace is amazing! X

Denise said...

I love this :)
One of the few that can wear socks w/ platforms properly.

xx à la mode

Vhing said...

OHMYGHAD i just love that necklace!!! SUPER! :O

WearAbouts said...

love your accessories! That necklace is so unique! :)
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Alexa said...

SM accessories are really fab! Your outfit is very wearable for most Filipinas. I hope you can also suggest other affordable finds that we can be put together similarly to the expensive ones. =)

GIULIA said...


randinope said...

oh my!...i love those booties!!!...i did not notice the hazy/dreamy shots, just the booties...:]

Wendy said...

great outfit and the necklace is amazing!!