Easy Shopping

Last month, I tried ordering from Eranzi, an online store that sells designer goods. If you haven't read my old posts about it, read it HERE and HERE. Anyway, I was so surprised by how easy it is to order from their website. They actually sell designer items way cheaper than if you buy them in their actual stores. Also, it only took them five days to deliver the bags I ordered to my house, all nicely wrapped in this big box. Such a nice presentation, right?
 I ordered this red Chloe marcie mini bag so I can bring it with me every time I go out of the country- the size is perfect for traveling and you can put so many things inside. 
 I also ordered this See by Chloe bag- I'm not showing you the entire bag yet- I want it to be a surprise. I love the details and the style of this bag. Actually, I had a hard time deciding what to order because I was on a budget and everything was just so pretty! Seriously, if you love buying designer bags, you would love Eranzi as much as I do. Ordering online is definitely my new hobby! Haha. 
Since Father's Day is coming up, they have a promo- From June 1-17, all men's items are up to 15% off plus it's free shipping, import duties and taxes are waived. All Eranzi items will be wrapped nicely in their black signature box. If you want to make your husband or father happy, give them something like this. BMS.


Zelle ♥ said...

Wow! Wish i could squeeze some money to buy stuff from them :))

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Jeline said...

Those look so pretty! So curious on how the See by Chloe bag looks! I love that brand xx

Anonymous said...

Hi laureen, did you pay any custom duties for the bag or additional taxes? Just want to know what to expect if ever I decided to shop from this website.. :) Thanks! :D

Clara Turbay said...

Great pics!

kaloka said...

Looking forward on how you are going to style your outfits with those new arm candies.
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Dave Pascht said...

Nice post!