Seoul Searching

(SM Accessories scarf, Mango top, Lunachic bracelets/ring, Chloe bag, Iconique leggings, Feet for a Queen flatforms)

First day in Seoul, Korea. I still can't get over the fact that I had made it here. Everywhere is just so picture worthy! The weather was perfect too- not too hot/not too cold. It was the perfect temperature to layer and walk around the streets without getting sweaty. Seeing as I finally made it to the home ground of the renowned 'k-pop', I decided to blend in with my funky and colorful pieces. I didn't want to overdo it of course, people might think I've a shoot to go to- so I only used these wonderful Lunachic accessories and a scarf to add oomph. Both are so light so you can bring them with you when you travel- instant statement piece right there! 
Suggestion: Bring a small bag when you travel- that way, you can leave all the unnecessary stuff at the hotel and just bring the important things like your phone, wallet and camera. BMS. 


Tanya Sc said...

like you bag and shoes very much

Jessie Kim said...

Wow you are in my hometown! :) hihi
You should visit here!! Click the link.

Enjoy your trip in Korea, Laureen.
Btw, like your top.

The Rubber Doll by Pepa said...

really nice , my dear !!xx

The Rubber Doll by Pepa said...

really nice , my dear !!xx

Marmalade said...

i love this jumper, keep wanting to buy it but I seem to have so many knitted jumpers now haha.

It looks AWESOME with these leggings. such cool colours

Mel x

Elaine Arahan said...

I want to go to Seoul. Korea, too! how were you able to get a Visa for that tour, Ms. Laureen?

Anonymous said...

fashionable but still comfortable! ang gaan look lang :) love it laureen keep it up!

Linton from London said...

Seoul! ^^,

Love the outfit!

Enjoy Seoul!

tse parfait said...

have fun in korea!!

Raspberry Blonde said...

great outfit! and lovely pictures, especially that first one is just perfect

eDina said...



Mish said...

Glad you're in Seoul~~~ ^^ It's a wonderful city!

I am really loving your outfit, especially your shoes! <3

Etaduran said...

Love the colors in this post!! =)


Jr said...

Hmm.. cute., :D Now I understand why you rank 1 in fashion category.. :D keep it up., goddess! :D

Lolita in the Mix said...

Great style! It's perfect!


Shanahfication said...

The entire ensemble is beautifully put together. Love the animal print leggings and the jewellery of course.

Raffi Alcantara said...

totally love the leggins! Because of this post, I actually bought one from IconiQue! YAY :) Super love it.

xoxo Raffi :)

Raffi Alcantara said...

totally love the leggins! Because of this post, I actually bought one from IconiQue! YAY :) Super love it.

xoxo Raffi :)

Anonymous said...

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