Fashion With Function

With my title, you'd probably think it's something about clothes or shoes- it's actually about laptops. Yes, you heard me right. Acer continues to deliver innovations to its products and services. At its recent ‘Tech Showcase’ at the ballroom of the Marriot Hotel, the brand presented some awesome gadgets.
These are two serious machines for serious business with fast, efficient and reliable computing.
LeftThe portable, high‐definition Acer k130 projector charms the runway. 
Right: She shows off the classy and light TravelMate P643
Acer explores beyond the limits with its participation in the Olympic movement for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games and the London 2012 Olympic Games. To Acer, the world of sports and technology share the same ideals: vision and inspiration, dedication and strength, determination and focus. 
Left: Acer Aspire V3 Olympics edition. With its excellent and brilliant performance, the notebooks are made only to make life easier. 
RightAcer’s Olympics edition tablet, Iconia Tab A510. Don't you just love the size of this?
Plastic-skirted models in neon-colored get-ups aptly presented Acer’s multi-colored palette in its many range and lines. Vibrant as today’s crop of young users and fashion-driven market, Acer meets this demands with dynamism by offering infinite possibilities.
Left: The Acer Aspire V3 Gold.     MiddleAcer Aspire One 725.
RightThe classy and highly functional Iconia Tab A700.
LeftThe Acer Aspire V5
Right: The slim and elegant Acer Aspire S5the world’s thinnest with razor-thin design and lightning fast speed. Today’s gadgets are, in fact, fashion accessories as well.

“Today, we celebrate Acer’s innovation; discovering the unknown to better understand the world we live in. We’ve crossed great distances to challenge what humans know and are yet to discover. From basic computing needs to pioneering the latest technologies, Acer has established the connection between life and technology. It is our brand’s vision to explore beyond the limits." -Acer's general manager Manuel Wong. Visit Acer for more details. BMS.


IAmClairey said...

Wow. My cousin in the last photo holding Acer Aspire S5! :)

stef uy said...

those models look fierce!

Maggie said...

Definitely a very innovative execution! Looks great!