Natural Luminosity

 (Sugar Kissed bib necklace, vintage top, Eazy Fashion bangles, Hermes bag, The Closet Goddess skirt, Marni shoes)

This is the last look for the Stylista x Pantene campaign we did with Alex Carbonell. Like they say, save the best for last- this is my favorite look out of all four! This look from the F/W trend report is called Natural Luminosity- wherein the hair look is inspired by nature. Influenced by some of the textural finishes of the collection and in particular the grain of wood, you'll see lovely strokes and strands all curled up for the finished touch.  Because the look was inspired by nature, I decided to choose touches of brown like this necklace and bag. Since my hair is teased and tied, I made the look more classy by wearing an off shoulder dress turned top paired with this lovely peplum skirt from The Closet Goddess. The skirt definitely made the look more sophisticated and made the entire look work altogether. Very corporate, classy and chic.
You hair needs natural volume to execute this type of look- and the tricky part is it's supposed to be shiny and manageable still. You need a light shampoo and conditioner tandem to attain this. To achieve a look inspired by nature only means using products that are also inspired by nature: Pantene Nature Care Series. They help your hair bring out its natural feel- healthy and shiny. Check out my behind the scene shots and how Alex Carbonell achieved this look. I always love how smooth my hair is after a certain look- even if they remove all the pins and bands. So sad this is the last look I'll be sharing to you guys- hopefully there's more to come! BMS.


Patricia said...

This is definitely the best look! :) I love your hair and outfit.

Elegantesque said...

The whole outfit is just perfect ! love it !



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madhatter said...

I love this outfit! The necklace is amazing.

I love the way they did your hair wish I could do that but unfortunately mine is about a foot shorter than yours!

I literally just wrote a post about peplum on my blog, take a peak!

Project Rattlebag


stef uy said...

your necklace!!! love!

Lenusik Velvetrose said...

So everything is beautiful! I love your peplum skirt and a metal belt and yours a smart necklace!!! Shoes super!!!

Life's a shoe said...

I LOVE those Marni shoes! pretty outfit!

Kristine Bulatao.Ü said...

Totally in love with your bangles! <3


Yhadz said... soo SPEECHLESS again and again..soo fabulous look..Dress and hair are compatibly good. The bag soo love it and very BEAUTIFUL.


Maggie ☮ said...

Exquisite! <3 You look simply exquisite!

Marina said...

You look amazing! Love your hair style and your necklace!


Fashionettista!! said...

lovely hairstyle and outfit as always!
kisses lee

Ann R. said...

stunning! love how your hair is done.


Lolita in the Mix said...

Love the hairstyle!! But most of all your stunning outfit with that amazing statement necklace! WOW!!

xoxo lorena

Kaile Fortaleza said...

near my place, my office.. The Fort... hope to see you one day in one of your photoshoot here in The Fort...ü

Anonymous said...

Hi Laureen. I love your hair color. Do you mind if I ask what shade? thanks

-Maricar Gonzales