A New You

I never imagined I would find flats this cute and comfortable. Crocs' new collection really surprised me. Not only are they incredibly pleasant to wear, but your feet will definitely feel like they're in heaven all day. 
 These pink cut out and red open toe flats are so cute and stylish! And of course, you won't be scared wearing it out on a rainy day because they're jelly flats. Yay!
 My overused pair of Crocs rubber shoes- you can tell because they're very dirty already, but I love it that way. If you're more the sporty type, get these instead. I'm not really sporty, but for some reason I love wearing these out. 
Now, if you prefer basic flats- here they are. I just realized I don't own a pair of black flats so imagine my happiness when I got this. 

When you step out of the house with a day full of work, of course you don't want to be stressed out because your feet are hurting or that you can't walk properly because of painful flats. Choose wisely, choose Crocs. BMS.


Jiglycious said...

love the pink one!!
cute and stylish


Patricia said...

I love the orange sandals! It's a nice pop of color to any outfit. Thanks for sharing this! :)

Kristine Bulatao.Ü said...

I love the white one. <3

Shop at its cheapest: xx

Etaduran said...

loving the jelly flats! =)


girlinthelens said...

I love the first two flats, I'd never have guessed they were from Crocs!

Maggie ☮ said...

When I saw the orange pair I immediately scrolled down to find out where your shoes are from!. No way these are all made by Crocs!! wowzers.