Cagayan De Oro

 I went to Cagayan De Oro a couple of weeks ago with my high school friends for some bonding and adventure. Right after we landed, we went straight to Macahambus Adveture Park for sky bridge and zipline. I nearly died in the middle of the sky bridge but I'm glad I was able to experience it!
 I entered the Makahambus Cave too. We had to hold flashlights just so no one will get injured.
The Divine Mercy Statue- probably the biggest statue I've seen here in the Philippines. It's a very beautiful/ huge place and people can't enter if they're wearing improper clothing. We had to borrow shawls and skirts so we could enter the place. 
 Of course, the main event: White river rafting. I really thought I wasn't gonna do it but I did- and I had so fun much. Unbelievable fun! I highly suggest you guys try it. We did it for five hours but I can really do it all day. 
To end the day perfectly, we ate at Candy's and ordered the dessert that my Twitter followers have been telling me try- Tartufo. WOW. I can seriously just go back to CDO for this dessert, it's that good. 

I've never tried any of these adventurous things before, so it's really something new to me. I enjoyed so much and now I promise to do more things I've never imagined I can do. It's really more fun in the Philippines. For more CDO photos, visit Robbie's BLOG. BMS.


Jessica Choy said...

That looks so fun, especially the river rafting! I'm definitely gonna have to go there with my friends one time. Hopefully!!


I loveeee this post!
Great pictures, seems you had loads of fun
And I simply adore your long tail shirt :3


Kristine Bulatao.Ü said...

That dessert looks so yummy! :)

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Erika Mae Hapitan said...

wow! so cool!! I wan't to try White river rafting too. :)

circleofchaos said...

Wonderful pics.*_*
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Travelle said...

I wanna visit the Philippines so badly. <3

Anonymous said...

Im from CdO po, I read your blog everyday, hoped you had a nice visit po, sa panagatan ba po or sa tabing dagat yung pic sa first post mo?

Sheena Fiel Dalman said...

yey! I'm from CdeO and I'm so happy you enjoyed you're stay here :) Did you try the Zipline in Dahilayan?

~+~ Chai ~+~ said...

Wow! This is very relaxing! Luv the experience! :)


Maria said...

white water rafting is a lot of fun!

i wanted to see your look when you visited divine mercy :)

LadySoda said...

Chada CDO! Thank you Laureen for posting these! CDO is indeed a great place for adventure. Didn't you guys go to Dahilayan? extreme adventure too! :)

Ariel Parcon Jr. said...

People said you were here last two weeks ago?

jqofsasebo said...

Thanks for showing us the beauty of CDO...another place to visit when I go home.