Iligan City

 (Topshop hat, Rayban sunnies, Bubbles necklace, Bershka top, SM Accessories belt, Ministry of Retail skirt, S&H shoes)

For our third adventurous day, we decided to go to Iligan City and visit some of God's creations- waterfalls. I decided to be a bit more girly by wearing a cropped top with a maxi skirt. Color blocking lang ang peg! When I go out of town, I usually wear sunnies because I'm too lazy to put on make up and of course, it really is super sunny during the day (around 9am-3pm)
 Maria Cristina Waterfalls. I remember studying this way back when I was still in grade school. Can't believe I actually saw it with my own eyes. It's so beautiful, right?
 Tinago in english is "hidden" and this one is called Tinago Falls because it really is in a hidden area. You have to go through a long, deserted road to be able to go here. Not only that- when you arrive, you have to walk 484 steps down to see it and 484 steps back up to leave. It's really worth it though. I swam too- my first time again. 
 Robbie living like a local- he climbed the rocks and did a flip while diving! Check out his blog too if you want to know more about our trip.
This trip really changed my outlook in life- no kidding. Now I want to do a lot more stuff I've never imagined doing. Cagayan De Oro and Iligan City, I had fun! BMS.


Kristine Bulatao.Ü said...

Love your hair!
And the falls is so lovely. :)

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ynnaf Pascual said...

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Sasa Valencia said...

Hi laureen, I love your new dye hair.. and the falls was so amazing I'd like to go there too☺

Love sasa♥

dongala (wanderer) said...

the hat, the neckpiece. everything's matched perfectly.
hope u had the best times(:

AteeNadj Nadj said...

Oh men! You visited my hometown? Iligan City??? I hope I saw you and Robbie..Oh and I hope you had fun too visiting our pride-waterfalls! :)



What an amazing view..
Love your shoes!!


Anonymous said...

Your ombre's fading. :/

Ollyvia Laura Arnold said...

i really love your outfit. the color is so eye catching, and love your oxford shoes. it's uber cute ka Laureen

Emma said...

Oh wow! You actually went your way down to Tinago Falls! quite a walk right? Didn't your body ached after? heeheheh.. Mine did after we went there..but it's worth it! Iligan is indeed the city of waterfalls...Glad it had a taste of your fashion. Thanks for showcasing another awesome place in Mindanao Laureen!

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asdfghjkl said...

YAY! Iligan City represent! ♥

stef uy said...

oh my gosh, my hometown!! @_@ Laureen, why didnt you tell us you were here? haha :)

Ishara said...

love the look ,the skirt is amazing, and love the shoes <3
xx ish

iammajinboo said...

woooah! you visited Iligan City! Im from thIligan ciyt! amazing you had a visit at maria christina falls! how i wish I saw you laureen! ^_____^ u hope you enjoy your stay here in iligan city!

Anonymous said...

WOW!! thanks for visiting our very own Iligan City. I hope you enjoyed. I hope you can also visit the Islamic City of Marawi, the Lake Lanao is so beautiful.

Maggie ☮ said...

The waterfalls look breath taking!! Thank you for sharing your trip =]

Yhadz said...

. i really love yah outfit. The orange one, it really did match with the Maria Cristina's brightness. Speechless.

Mindanao's pride


Nadine Felice said...

Love the color combo and the shoes!!

Niña said...

I love that outfit!

pinayrn said...

Love the color blocking! and of course, the falls. :)

Anonymous said...

Ang ganda talaga sa atin.