Guam: Day 1

 Imagine waking up and the first thing you see is this view? Breathtaking. Relaxing. Wonderful. This was my view for four days when I was in Guam. We stayed at Aurora Resorts Spa and I had a balcony of my own so every chance I get, I'd go sit outside and just stare at the view. 
 We arrived in Guam around 5:30am mafia style. complete with the overstretched limo and some bubbly chilled waiting for us. As if lang the latter is inexistent. there were glsss but no bubbly. but we decided to play around, since the feel of the limo called for it. 
 Once we checked in the hotel, we took a short nap and then started our day. First stop: Underwater World. It was my first time seeing a shark too. I took at least a hundred photos of all the amazing sea creatures I saw. So sad I won't be able to post everything here.  
 Jellyfish. It travels up and down the water column, like an aquatic elevator . 
 Moray eels. Just look at the eyes. They might look dangerous but they rarely bite humans and are not aggressive by nature. I enjoyed reading all the description of all the sea creatures I saw. It was like I was in another dimension when I was inside the Underwater World. What an experience. 
 Lunch time! We ate at Sea Grill restaurant. Too bad I wasn't able to take a photo of the yummy steak we had. I was too excited to eat it haha. 
 The moment I've been waiting for: SHOPPING TIME! We went to DFS Galleria and I died. It's tax free in Guam so all their items are more reasonable. There and they have a lot of varieties: perfumes, make ups, clothes, shoes, bags, sunglasses, accessories and a lot more- like Mac lipsticks are only P600.00+ and bags are way more affordable. The best thing is: you can take a cab going to DFS and when you get to the lobby, you don't have to pay, they take care of it for you. How awesome is that?!
 This isn't a casino inside DFS. It's an area where you can get a chance to win free items and discount coupons on certain sotres. My friends won pens and other items while I won a discount coupon! Yey for this area. 
 I love the set up of the shopping center. Everything is so chic and classy! All the special bags are displayed so you can see it right away. The concept and design of each store is uniquely designed to make you want to buy all their items! I swear, I went crazy. 
 After all the shopping and fun in the city, we went to Lina'la' Chamorro Cultural Park for some relaxation. The scenery has a movie feel into it. There's not a lot of people too, which is so pleasant- perfect for couples or families who want to experience some bonding moment. 
 Oh. I'm already missing Guam just by looking at this specific photo. Serenity at its best. I just had to remove my shoes and socks and walk barefoot the entire time I was here. 
We watched a cultural dance after having dinner at Lina'la'. It started while we were eating by the shore then we all had to transfer to their native house that is a replica of how their houses used to look like and they narrated. 
After this, we went back to the hotel to freshen up then go watch the "Dream" Sandcastle show. You HAVE to watch this one when you go to Guam. It's an incredible show- and saying that it's incredible is an understatement. Too bad you're not allowed to take photos during the show. I guess it's to not distract the performers, but just to give you an idea of what it is, here's a VIDEO clip. It's a show full of magic, flying trapeze, acrobats, and many more. And this is just day one. I can't wait to show you more photos. 
And by the way, I took all my Guam photos using my new Sony RX100 camera. It's a digital camera but with SLR quality. I didn't bother bringing my big SLR anymore- and I'm so happy I left it. This RX100 is the bomb. It's tiny and incredible- perfect for traveling. BMS. 


il tulipano giallo said...

wow, amazing photos! enjoy! B.

Kat Aquino said...

Did you still edit these photos because they look so good and also, I'm planning to get a new camera soooo please reply? Anys, love you!

Marcela Cavalini said...

Fantastic! Love your outfit (I said before) and these photos are amazing!

Kristine Bulatao said...

Woah it looks very relaxing. :)

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Anonymous said...

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Breathtaking photos, btw!

- Katt

jenny07_tm said...

wow the quality is so great!

Honey Lyn Barrera said...

Nice photo shots! Thank you for sharing your great experiences in Guam ^_^

Yhadz said...

..This trip was so perfect Laureen. The place is soo dramatic. Eye relaxing. Wonderful place :)


Diana said...

Gorgeous pictures!!!


missyel said...

Glad you had a wonderful time in our island! Too bad you've only seen Tumon Bay.. The rest of the island is history that speaks for itself! I'm a Filipina, now residing in Guam.. And as much as I am in love with the Philippines, I consider this my home now.. Lovely pictures! Come again! :)

Tania Elysee Zuniga said...

Wow! Looks like you really enjoyed yourself here on Guam! The photos are amazing! I've lived here for 20 years and it's always heartwarming when tourists appreciate the beauty of the island. Please come back! There are more sites to see, food to taste, and sunsets to admire. By the way, I absolutely love your fashion blog. I've recently been following you, I must say I'm fan! Take care and looking forward to more blogs!

Tania Elysee