Guam: Day 2

And I'm all set to go around Guam again. Guam is such a lovely place to go to- both for relaxing and partying! Our first stop of the day: Agat Bay. We had our own boat! Naks! We went dolphin hunting/ watching and snorkeling.
 All the underwater photos were taken by our tour guide using Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX20. Crazy, right? He literally went in every corner taking photos of sea creatures. I can't even explain what I felt when I was snorkeling. It was as if I were part of an underwater documentary. I also used my Sony Xperia Acro to shoot a video just so you guys can see what I saw underwater. It was so funny because the instructor shouted so loud when I jumped off the boat with my camera! I was laughing so hard because he thought it wasn't water resistant so he was panicking. Here's the video:
Did you hear a sound by the end of the video? I though I was bitten by a fish that's why I stopped the video hahaha!
 After lunch, we went back to the hotel to freshen up then we went on a tour to see historical places in Guam. Here's Nina Espiritu taking photos.
 The Chocolate House (also known as a Summer House) served as a social meeting place within the Plaza Garden. It's right beside the Governor's house where they served chocolate back in the days.
 Just look how old this wall crest is! It hasn't been touched since then.
A latte (or a pillar)- is a symbol of the Chamorro culture. It was used as building supports by ancient Chamorros.
 We also went to the Hagatna Heritage Walking Trail. Such a beautiful view.
I also had dinner at Taste in Westin Resort hosted by Joann Camacho of Guam Visitors Bureau (GVB). I had such a great time meeting people from GVB and it was also my first time reuniting with my uncle Emelio Uy. He's such a loving and wonderful man! 
 We also went to Chamorro Village. It only happens every Wednesday in Guam so imagine how packed it was when we went there! They sell food, drinks and all kinds of cool stuff like these.
 We were also lucky enough to watch a hula show. Look at the pretty girls! It's such a cool area to go to if you want to find unique pieces and watch entertaining programs. 
More travel photos soon. BMS.


madhatter said...

wow it looks so fun! wish I was there!

I went scuba diving for the first time this summer and it was amazing to see all the sea life in the sea rather than glass boxes!

Mmm that dinner looks lovely!

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Therese Chloe Kintanar said...

What a fun trip! And great shots! You took those pictures with Sony RX100? I am so in love with your cam now. :)

Nuria Vert Foncé said...

ohhhh beautiful place!!! The photos are precious!!!

Happy day ❤

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing these photos Laureen. I never knew Guam will be these beautiful. I'm going to travel there soon :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Laureen,

I'm so glad that you enjoyed Guam! I was actually born there but was raised in Manila my whole life! Small world but Emelio Uy's my uncle too (My dad's older brother!)

janice eleane said...

really nice photography, makes me want to go to guam. Thanks for sharing. keep up a great work..:D

janice eleane said...

really nice photography, makes me want to go to guam. Thanks for sharing. keep up a great work..:D

Honey Lyn Barrera said...

the phone rocks! moments in the beach become memories because of this phone. hope to get one Sony Xperia Acro phone. the most amazing cellphone yet! hehehe! thank u for sharing your great experiences! ^_^

kikaysikat said...

wow I love the photos you took ms lauren :) Ive been a silent fan of yours and this is my first time to commen

I hope I can dress as great as you do


Kristine Bulatao said...

I never knew Guam could be this beautiful :)

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dindin0411 said...

picture look great. im from guam too. sad that i didnt get to meet u in person. sana when u come back u should try seawalker & go around the island like in the south. we have a lot of beauty views & historical places.

Gesh Peregrin said...

I'll definitely include Guam in my places-to-go list! Thanks for showing me how beautiful the place is :) And may I just say, I'm officially in love with Sony Xperia Acro. YAY!