Guam: Day 3

 Everywhere I look, there's nothing but peace and relaxation. We went to Sheraton Laguna Guam Resort and their facilities are amazing.
 (Goody hair tie, H&M sunnies, Chiz top/ bag/ shorts, House of Luxe bangle, Crocs flats)
Chiz clothes are so comfortable to wear! The top and shorts I wore were perfect for my trip to Guam because the fabric's so thin, not making me feel sticky the entire day. Oh, and did I mention that the bag is the lightest bag I've ever owned? Undeniably spacious inside. It's the perfect traveling bag! 
 We went to Tumon Sands Plaza (TSP) to do more shopping, but we were given a presentation first of the latest trends and the must buys inside TSP. Look at this beautiful limited Tiffany & Co. cuff. 
 You'll be seeing a lot of burgundy/ maroon colors from now on- they told me it's the latest trend tone. Here are the models for BCBG showcasing the latest clothes from their F/W collection. Love the black and white dress!
 LOVE. If only I can afford to buy all these bags. 
 Nakikisali sa uso ang Crocs flats ko! It's not burgundy, but at least they're of the same shade. Haha. 
 I practically wanted to buy all BCBG items. Here's a pic of Nina, David and I goofing around with their super cute accessories.
 Join us at Joinus! Haha. Okay, corny. We ate at Joinus Restaurant (also found inside TSP). I love tappanyaki! The food was absolutely indulging.  Ugh, now I'm getting hungry again. We pretended it was David Milan's birthday and his reaction was priceless when all the waiters started singing beside him!!!
 We had dinner at Sheraton Resort and watched a performance by the Polynesian dance group. The show was so entertaining- but I wasn't prepared for someone to pull me to the stage and make me join the hula competition! I was so game though and I'm proud to say that I won. Hahaha. I got LEI-ed! 
 Their version of the little black book. The Plaza gives you this little book so you'll know the best restaurants to go to, best shopping places, etc. 
 Such cool paintings on the walls. Hafa Adai- it's their version of "hello" and everywhere you go you'll hear people say it. Everyone's so friendly in Guam!
 At Winelution. If you're a wine drinker- you'll definitely find this place your home. 
I also heard that you have to try Hot Diggity Dog's hotdog.
A 'must do' when I return back to Guam. Everyday was a memorable experience! I spent my last few hours in Guam at the beach and just stared at the view for like 30 minutes. It's really a place where you can relax and unwind. Memories I truly won't forget. BMS. 


Kristine Bulatao said...

Guam is really very pretty. So are you Ms. Laureen. :)

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Dianna said...

lovely flats!

Marcela Cavalini said...

Amazing photos congrats!!

Ollyvia Laura Arnold said...

nice photos, i love your outfit anyway

Ollyvia Laura Arnold said...

nice photos, i love your outfit anyway

Honey Lyn Barrera said...

love your toe nail colors! hihihi! i love everything in this blog post! ^_^

Anonymous said...

You're look-alike blogger:

Kayka Sadowska said...

i wanna dance with this guy!!!!

bracelet-OMG *.* mum please! :)

Eva Wu said...

fantastic pics!
greatings from rome!

Hypnotizing Fashion said...

Photos are great ! Amazing place :)You look fabulous !!!

Follow each other? :))


PaulineRaymundo said...

You always have great outfit photos Laureen! Do you have a photographer who always takes your photos?

Marina said...

Nice post!


Kaye Figuracion said...

You never fail to mesmerize me with your outfit. Even on vacation, you're still glammed up.

iamursxtine said...

I really love your flats indeed! :)