Coral + Mint

 Dressing up is really an open forum wherein you can express everything and anything you want to everyone and anyone. Pastels + florals are really cool colors for the eyes. I chose this outfit for a lazy afternoon like this and I wanted to be more playful so I wore this mint green lace undergarments from Wacoal. When talking about undergarments, it's crucial that you take into consideration the following things: Are you wearing the right size? Is this the best undergarment for your figure? What undergarments will help give you the best shape?
 For this look, I went for the color mint green because it really contrasted well with my coral top. The color combination was so nice and the peep on the side really added a lot to my look.
 Aren't these red items amazing? Speaking of red...
 These red undergarments are also a nice way to make your look sexier. Imagine wearing a black loose top with these just slowly peeking. Some people often don’t realize that they are wearing the wrong undergarment until they finally get their hands on some good ones. Just because you can’t see what’s under your clothes doesn’t mean you can just wear whatever. Wearing the right undergarment will give you that extra confidence. There are so many different types of underwear that come in different styles, fabrics, and sizes... and Wacoal wants to help you make sure you get the right pair of underwear that will meet the needs of your body.
(Bangkok hat, York Accessories necklaces/ bracelets/ ring, Wacoal undergarments, Monkee Business top, Chloe bag, Pink Manila shorts, S&H flats)

Whoever says you can't mix and match your top and undergarments probably never tried them before. I love it! It really makes a huge different when you wear something cute inside. It's enough to brighten up the entire look and change how you feel about yourself. Anyway, we all know that I am a huge fan of accessories so I really got fascinated with these eye-catching accessories from York, especially the eye ring. The necklaces are so colorful and light too – a nice way to make your look extra pretty without your neck hurting from piling on too much pieces. BMS.


Nicole said...

Is that a Lagu blanket? I just blogged about it as a nice gift to beach buddies on my blog! Haha. Check it out here :)

Kristine Bulatao said...

Love the colors. :)

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Thank you! :)

Anonymous said...

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Faith Mari said...

That's such a cute hat! I'm jealous! Haha ♥


Shanah Fication said...

Love the entire look. Mint + Coral definitely the colors of the moment.

Honey Lyn Barrera said...

Love the sexy..:)

Anonymous said...

OMG that hat! ♥

Lolita in the Mix said...

Love the hat and studded loafers!!

-xoxo- lorena

Caroline Susanto said...

I love your mint inner set and the cute hat!


Anonymous said...

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MiKu said...

you look sooooo the hat and the are sooo pretty!!!
love, MiKu

Margo Monroe said...

I love these pictures!

Your hat is so cool:)

Sarah said...

Cute hat and shoes! :)

ARC said...

*forever in awe of the color madness that is in your outfits*

Break My Style talaga, Ms. Laureen. That tagline could not have been more appropriate for you. :D

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Felicia Bridgewater said...

Love all of your accessories and how well you put a colored outfit together!