Exception Music Festival = unforgettable. I attended it last week and the experience was amazing. I'm such a music lover so I really had a blast. There were three live stages and I felt like a kid roaming around the huge area just to enjoy and not miss a good song the entire night.
 With Camille. Thank you Rima Ostwani as well for the tables and drinks. Everyone- and I mean EVERYONE- had a blast. 
 With Bubbles Paraiso who managed to wear heels the entire time. Hands down to you, Bubbs!
 Close friends: Sean Go, Camille Co, Patricia Prieto and Frank Magalona
 Hat party! My sister Liz and I borrowing some of our friends' hats and wanting them for ourselves 
 There were even fireworks! Ash Rye and Raymond Gutierrez fashionably late.
Okay, so I wasn't really able to take a lot of good photos because I was too busy jumping and singing and dancing, but I tried my best. Thank you also Pat for helping me capture some shots and to Exception Music Festival for making our night epic. BMS.


Kristine Bulatao said...

It looked so fun! :)

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Thank you! :)

Czarinna Mae Casimina said...

Wow!!! Music Fest! it's really my dream to experienced such event! Anyway, it seems you enjoyed it so much. You and your sister Liz, look so pretty. i hope to see you both someday! :)


Etaduran said...

So fun! I wish there's one like that here in davao :)