Animal Instinct

(Anagon headpiece, Drop n' Shop sunglasses, SM Accessories necklaces, Choies top, Balenciaga bag, Crossings shorts, S&H wedge sneakers)

Animal prints have received so much love by me- especially tiger prints. For some reason, I find them so attractive that I probably have like ten tiger print tops now. The design of this one really caught my eye though. Some trends come and go but there are a few that will stay timeless. Animal prints always roar back into the fashion world (that, or they never seem to go away) and this is the perfect time to incorporate animistic elements into our outfit- still not summer and you can still wear long sleeved pieces while it's not too hot yet. Show off your feline instincts with this jungle inspired sheer top from Choies! Wearing sneaker wedges was a brilliant idea, especially I had to run errands the whole day. It's so comfy too! Going with animal prints as a style statement remains a sure bet. 

Okay, so I know this is out of the topic, but I just want to show you guys this video I found on youtube. It's a Calvin Klein Concept video debuted during the Super Bowl and it just reminded me that summer is very near and I need to work out more. I know it's not a girl in the video, but he's so fit that I told myself, "Wow, I need to get more toned." Aside from boxing, I want to try a new sport. I actually want to try out Plana Forma. I'll probably do it by March. Okay, going back to this video- watch it and if you don't get inspired, ewan ko nalang sayo! BMS.


Sasa Valencia said...

Love it so much!

Radka Sokoliova said...

Beautiful :)

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Loving the jumper! xx

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Anonymous said...

i love ot! but i don't know why you seem short and stout in here. and im browsing your other posts and you look tall naman. hmmm. whay kaya? but still you look awesome!