Be My Teammate!

Be my teammate, get free make up and let's all have dinner together! But first, READ CAREFULLY :)
I'm very maselan when it comes to choosing make up, especially mascara. This Majolica Majorca really works! I think it’s perfect in every way. Sometimes waterproof mascaras are a good option for people who have trouble with mascara smudging, and those who live at the gym or in hot or humid climates. Majolica Majorca Mascara not only makes the lashes longer, thicker and curvier but smudge and swim-proof too. The good news? Majolica Majorca is having a sale! From the original price of P795.00, they're bringing it down to P499.00 on selected SM Dept. stores and Watsons nationwide! You can check their Facebook fan page account and the ad below for more details.
 Now, Majolica Majorca will be having a BIG Mascara Face Off. You can visit any branch from the stores listed above so you yourself can truly decide and see why it's called the Lash King. Anyhoo, I will be part of this activity on February 9 from 4-6pm at SM Makati Department Store. Now, my blogger bestie Camille and I will be competing (well, not really competing because we'll probably just laugh and make kulitan the entire time) on who we can convince more people to switch to Majolica Majorca Lash King. Now, I need THREE of my readers to help me out here who can help me persuade people to switch to Lash King. Will you help me and be my teammate? Pretty please? If you're up for it, to qualify- all you have to do is:

Tweet your answer to this question, " Why do you deserve to be part of my team? " with the hashtag #TeamLaureenMajolicaFaceoff and tag me @laureenmuy

I'll be choosing the winners on February 8 via my Facebook fanpage and Twitter account so tweet away. Kahit gano kadaming tweets yan okay lang! Kahit flooding level hahaha.

Now, if you're chosen to be part of my team- you'll be getting FREE MAKE UP and A SPECIAL DINNER with me and the entire team right after the event so I can extend my gratitude to you guys. Plus, I'll be giving you guys some ACCESSORIES I wore on my blog. Now, will you help me and tweet me? 
If you can't go on the event date, you can still help me by tweeting #TeamLaureenMajolicaFaceoff because all your tweets will still help me with my final score. So tweet away! Tweet lang ng tweet! Go lang ng go! And of course, if ever you guys won't be chosen to be part of my team (because I can only choose three), you guys can still go on February 9 so I can still thank you guys. You guys can stick around and still help me out. What to expect on the event date: cocktails, food and a picture area so we can all goof around. Fun fun lang diba! And I get to meet you guys again! I'll really appreciate all your help. BMS.
Let's go #TeamLaureenMajolicaFaceoff :)


karen corpuz said...

ako na sana kateam

Majolica Majorca said...

Hey Ladies! Thanks for letting your princess be part of our Big Mascara Face Off event. We hope you will all be able to make it this weekend at SM Makati on Feb 9th from 4-6pm. Looking forward to seeing all of your beautiful faces!

If you can’t make it, don’t worry. We have other SM and Watsons locations where you can purchase your Lash King at the reduced price of Php 499 too. You can start taking advantage of this discount as early as Feb 8!

Don’t forget to tweet your love at #teamlaureenmajolicafaceoff! There are going to be plenty of opportunities this week to win fun prizes, new collections and a chance to be on Laureen’s team during the event… and of course a potential meet and greet with her after. It’s time to switch and try out Lash King! Arigatou!

Join the fun at: