Dinagyang 2013

 Buko shake at Ponsyon, corn on the streets, beef batchoy at Ted's and shots at Flow
 So happy to see some of my closest friends again- and of course, people from Manila who went to Iloilo for Dinagyang. I had so much fun at Flow Republiq!
 Costume party pala to?! Hahaha. Really enjoyed wearing different masks the entire day!
Was also happy to meet a lot of my followers from Iloilo. To my readers who gave me those cookies, accessories, clothes and a drawing of me-- thank you from the bottom of my heart! Thank you guys for always making my trips to Iloilo memorable. That's why I keep coming back. It was my first festival to attend and I had so much fun. BMS.


Anonymous said...

ate, punta ka naman sa Baguio para sa Panagbenga :D

madhatter said...

wow this looks amazing! I love the masks


Michael Macalos said...

awesome pictures!! :))

Michael Macalos

karen corpuz said...

saan saan nakakaratinga ah..lucky girl..

LaureenUyFanatic said...

Dinagyang 2013 was the best dinagyang ever...street dancing, music, foods and to top it all, I saw this pretty angel! That would make my Dinagyang 2013 a Blast! Can't get enough of Laureen...Really!

Bea said...

You are very much welcome Laureen! Till next time. :)

Jenipong said...

Nakita kita sa Flow Republiq. Papicture sana, kaso nag eenjoy tlga kayo. Kaya ayoko maka distorbo. HAHAHAH! NEXTIME ate :D