Sun Broadband Quest

SunBroadband is a high-speed broadband internet connection that uses the nationwide cellular network of Suncellular to wirelessly deliver internet service to your laptop. It has the best offers for you to enjoy the power of unlimited internet right at the comfort of your home. Sun Broadband has the nation’s widest coverage and can give you the most reliable and consistent signal. With its unlimited usage offer, there’s no way to stop you from doing everything you want online. And because you love hanging out with friends and you want to enjoy a fantastic broadband experience right where you are, Sun Broadband is just right for you! Now, they’re calling all the attention of top all original university bands of 2013. Sun Broadband brings you: The Sun Broadband Quest. Check below on how to join:
       1.Purchase a Sun Boradband Entertainment Stick (one per band) 
       2. Register online by using the unique access code from the Entertainment stick HERE. 
       3. Upload one video recording of their band’s all-original song and one video recording of a cover version of any 
          song by any band of their choice as long as the genre is not heavy metal 
       4. Deadline of submission of entries is on June 15 and the announcement of the Top 10 Finalists will be one June 22.
       5. Grand Finals will be on July 12,2013.

Each band will use their entertainment stick as they key that will open opportunities for college and university student to stardom in the music industry by submitting their original composition and perform it through Sun Broadband Quest.
Want to know the prize of the winners? Oh sorry, I meant PRIZES. The chosen band will receive P150,000 cash prize plus a professional coaching at Broadband Quest Workshop. Not only that, but the band album will be produced and released by MCA Universal Records and they’ll be the one to handle the gigs and music videos too. Yes, you get a record deal with MCA Universal Records! I think more than anything else, this is truly a special and awesome deal! It’s every band’s dream! So what are you waiting for? Join now! BMS.

*This partnership between MCA Universal Records and Sun Broadband intends to promote the Original Filipino Music and local talent and at the same time to help save the industry on piracy.

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