Cebu, Philippines March 2013

A few weeks ago, I flew to Cebu with a small group of people for the launch of Mac's Archie's Girls collection. I've always been an Archie fan and I was so excited when I found out Mac was releasing this collection. When I was a little kid, my parents would always allow me to buy only 2 Archie Comic books so I'd end up reading Archie books for hours in the book store. I had a cabinet filled with Archie Comics so imagine my excitement for this launch.
They only flew two fashion bloggers and a few make up artists for this launch so I was pretty honored. Thank you so much, Mac Cosmetics. This is so far the most luxurious trip I've experienced for my blog. We flew via Philippine Airlines business class and I was seated front row with make up artist Jigs Mayuga. 
 We also each had our own rooms in Marriott Hotel. Isn't this room too big for me?! It's really convenient too because it's walking distance to Ayala Mall, where the Mac event was held. 
 (Charlie sunnies, H&M dress, Schu flats)
 Mac's Archie's Girls collection was held at the Ayala Mall Activity Center and it was an invite only event from 2-7pm. Morning palang, reserved na halos lahat ng lipsticks! They were so strict about calling out the numbers too- if your number is called and you're not there- they cancel out your order for other people who's in line. 
 Are you team Betty or team Veronica?
 The event made me feel like I was in Pop Tate's diner. They were serving cream floats, burgers, cherry sodas, hot dogs, etc. They even had a juke box with people dancing everywhere. Really cute theme and decoration.
 Kirsten Brito, the lovely and fabulous girl from Mac who flew us to Cebu. She's such a great host! Very accommodating and caring. I had so much fun in this trip! 
 Mac's Archie's Girls collection. I personally love almost everything but my top picks are Betty Bright and Daddy's Little Girl lipsticks, Flatter Me blush and the Spoiled Rich eyeshadow. 
 Betty, Archie and Veronica. 
 With Bianca Gonzalez who only flew in for a day for the event. Happy to know she's also an Archie fan! The Betty Bright looked fantastic on her. 
 We were also able to relax a bit at Movenpick. I can't even explain how amazing this place is- it's really for people who want to just forget the world and relax. Really, it's the perfect place for some R&R. I was also able to bond with my blogger besties while I was there, so it was the perfect trip for me.
(Drop n Shop sunnies, Tomato bikini top, Anma Lifestyle top, Crossings bikini botton, Lagu anti-sand beach blanket)

Thank you Mac Cosmetics for flying me to Cebu. I loved the entire collection. Too sad a lot of the items I wanted were sold out right away. If there are new stocks, I'll for sure be there right away to buy them! Cebu, see you soon. I love you too much not to go back. BMS.


Xuvious said...

I love the H&M dress! You look great :)

Emma Peijnenburg said...

Looks like paradise!
Love your blog! Following you now!

Radka Sokoliova said...

Lovely photos from Cebu :)

Radka from

Karen Corpuz said...

lucky girl as always Laureen.

Kerz Resuena said...

Oh Cebu is my hometown! How I wish I have an idea when did you come here so that I can see you in person. I bet you have a great trip here. XD